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Rideshare Insurance for Drivers

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 Posted 2 months ago

In time for the Thanksgiving I want to share with all of you my Rideshare Accident Checklist.

I put this together by pulling info from various sources and keep a copy in my car; my wallet and on Google Drive, so I can access it at all times.


This Checklist is fine-tuned to my personal situation where I have a Dash Cam that reords inside the car and outside and a rideshare insurance (which I highly recommend for any driver), but should serve as a good guide for any rideshare driver.

When I first started driving (part time) I thought my personal insurance will cover me if I get into wreck in period 1, well, turns out it wold not, and they would actually kick me off the policy (good luck getting covered by another carrier if you get booted).

I then switched to a different provider who clearly told me I would not get kicked off the platform if I got into accident while ridesare driving, though they would deny any of my claims if they were to occur in period 1. (Not sure about others but I find myself in Period 1 quite a bit, when I have the ppp on and going down the road looking for a better spot to wait for fares)

With so many drivers and passengers on their phones these days, getting into an accident is just a matter of time. I made a decision to shop for a new provider and it turned out I was able to get the same coverage as before for literally $8.00 more per year, but with official Rideshare endorsement which will cover me in Period 1 and also step in in periods 2-3 as needed (all on my checklist in section D)

The Erie agent I dealt with was extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive in rieshare coverage and in insurance in general, I ended up switching my Home, Car and Umbrella policies to Erie through him this week 

Highly recommend him (Mike Gehman, mike@innovativeig.com), He writes Erie policies in DC, OH, MD, PA, VA, WV and can link you up with proper contacts for other states (From what I understand Erie does not provide this coverage in NC, NJ and NY)

If contacting Mike, please tell him you got his info from Leonard G. on RideGuru forum, he will be glad to know I put in a good word for him as he truly deserves it

Anyway, I hope this checklist helps you, and also hope you never have to use it :)

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