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Should Uber and Lyft change their ratings system? Should it be mandatory for passengers to rate the driver?

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1279 Rider Driver
 Posted 6 months, 1 week ago

On the UBER platform, the driver must rate the pax when the ride ends in order to receive additional ride requests. Uber riders rate at a clip of 30-40%. Lyft allows the driver to continue driving without immediately rating the pax as the ride ends. Giving the driver the option to do so for 24 hours. Is there a direct correlation between frequency of rating by pax and tips?


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     5 months ago

    I feel that the UBER rating system (from the business side) is not equitable to the driver with regard to 4 or less.  You (the driver) are not told what the 'issue/problem" is/was.  Sometimes it is something that is way out of your control, others may be.  UBER corporate refuses to tell you what the nature of the lower ratings.  Does anyone know of a way to find out how to find out what happened?  

    I really don't think that UBER cares at all!