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So that's the threshold: 4.7 Ratings Filter

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 Posted 2 months ago

I noticed this filter pop up under settings. No idea how long it's been there but it makes sense.  I guess this settles the debate on what drivers want to have.

I also noticed that it's DEFAULTED to be on.  So I guess Uber is cutting off the 4.69> drivers moving forward. Silent killer for some.

actually, is it 4.7 for everyone?  I wonder if this is different depending on where you are from.  

This should also be more obvious. I can think of times where I wouldn't have minded lifting this when I couldn't find drivers.


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     1 month ago

    Mine says 4.7 as well. 

    They make the setting pretty obvious.  I never had to turn it off.  4.7 makes sense though. I've never had any driver that low.