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The worst types of Uber passengers (and how to deal with them) [Gridwise]

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1202 Rider Driver Guru
 Posted 5 years, 6 months ago

A fun article on Gridwise regarding our important cargos, i.e. passengers.  They pick up 5 worst types of rideshare passengers and give you advice on how to best deal with them.

The Eater

“The Eater” is a normally solid rideshare passenger, which is what makes them so deceptive. They might have a 4.9 rating, but for some reason they pick you and your freshly detailed car to transform into this “The Eater”.

The Backseat Driver

Above all else, this passenger is just incredibly annoying. For some reason, they think they know the roads better than the all powerful, all seeing Google and can’t wait to tell you about it.

The Drunk

Possibly the most disruptive type of passenger is the drunk, and for obvious reasons.

If you’re not a late-night driver you may have been able to avoid this type of passenger, but those of us driving after 11 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday know these folks all too well.

The Underage Rider

Most TNC’s clearly state that their service is intended for people over 18 and that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

People don’t care.

They will make you drive all the way to them so you can find their clearly underage kid waiting.

The PAX that asks if you can go through a drive through

This passenger for some reason believes that you are their own personal chauffeur. This passenger usually asks you to stop at a McDonald’s or Wendy’s, but sometimes will go as far as asking you to make a pit-stop at Chipotle…

Yes… we’ve seen this happen.

For How to Spot Them and What to Do About Them, check out the full article here.



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     5 years ago

    Some of these are good, but I feel like there are much worse that we fear.  like The Pukers.  The 1-Star Rater.  The I-Always-Complain-To-Uber-er., and Calls me after the ride claiming she lost something but she really didn't rider.

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     5 years ago

    They left out strippers who are always super divas.