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Uber launches PIN feature to cut wait times at U.S. airports

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 Posted 3 years ago

"Uber is piloting a new PIN feature at the Portland International Airport that will give riders a one-time 6-digit numeric code in an effort to speed up pickup times and reduce traffic congestion."

I am not sure how this will speed things up? Seems like an extra step. Anyone agree?



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    1072 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    The only problem I see is that if this is implemented like other rideshare "innovations," it's going to be painful to organize, and it'll leave little room for drivers to cherrypick their rides.  

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    73 Rider
     3 years ago

    I think you are focusing on the extra step of the PIN number a little too much. This will undoubtedly save time. Instead of mass chaos of drivers and riders all looking for their specific match, clogging up the curbs and causing heavy traffic, Uber drivers will function like a taxi rank. They will all get in one smooth line and passengers will simply enter into the next available Uber and enter their pin.

    However, I do see some issue with safety here. It seems like anyone could pretend a little bit easier to be a driver and once they have someone in their car with child locks on they could quickly drive off before the person gets a chance to confirm the pin.

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    756 Rider Guru
     3 years ago

    So if I understand it... you walk up to the next available driver and get in the car, and they take you where you want to go. Isn't this basically a street hail? Does Portland not have a medallion system limiting street hails?