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Uber Wait Time is now 7 minutes from the previous 5

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 Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

I do not understand how it takes 7 minutes (plus the time it takes for me to get to you) to get ready for a car they requested.

The whole idea of the app is that (1) it tells you how long it takes for the car to arrive, (2) exact time of arrival, and (3) show you real-time updates as I get closer to you.  Why 7 minutes?

Come on, Uber. This is too lenient.  This just spoils more riders.


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    140 Driver
     2 years ago

    I think most people start getting ready when the car arrives. 

    ...or start gathering people when the car arrives. I can just see this playing out at a party where one girl calls the car, and the moment it arrives, she calls the rest. It's always with larger groups that this happens.(which makes sense)

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      86 Driver
       2 years ago

      well, yeah, it's lame for the one responsible to call everyone outside and there be no car.

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     2 years ago

    I didn't realize this! 7 minutes is super long, I am always at my uber car within 2-3 minutes. Why would it take longer? Simply watch the car on your app and be ready...

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    224 Driver
     2 years ago

    I don't think Uber understands how long 7 minutes is while we sit, double parked on the street, while other drivers honk and cuss.

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    622 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    They need time to have cigarette before hopping on the car.