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What to do about declining pay

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 Posted 12 months ago

Uber and Lyft have been progressively paying less. I used to love driving for Uber, but, now, after driving all day, I cannot pay bills or even maintain my car. Until Uber and Lyft start paying again ,I suggest giving  each ride, that earns less than $5,00, only one star, to warn other drivers, that this rider makes short low paying rides.


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     11 months ago  (edited 11 months ago)

    Hi Magic. I agree with you. With gas prices so high, our nominal 52 cent raise on minimum trips (from $3.66 up to $4.18 w/Uber) is definitely insufficient to offset our expenses. Uber does not care about its’ drivers, AT ALL!  Where I am at, I actually fear seeing a long trip come up on my phone. Uber and Lyft need to make these one way trips worth our while . For example, if I accept a 150 mile trip , Uber/Lyft pays me around $130/$140. That’s about 6 hours of driving and 300 miles worth of gas, which will cost me about $60 bucks. The $70 or $80 I end up making for 6 hours is just ridiculous!  So, I definitely agree with you Magic - it seems we all need to look elsewhere to make decent money! Good Luck To All! PS I don’t think we should give short distance riders one-star reviews, it’s not their fault that Uber and Lyft will not do right by us.

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     11 months ago

    A recent survey said that the highest paying app gig is driving passengers BUT for five cents less per hour parcel delivery was the second highest . Given our current crazy society , you would have to be lunie to drive passengers.