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When did Uber start the Minimum Fare Supplement?Just started seeing this.

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 years, 4 months ago

I am just noticing on some of my rides in past 2 weeks I am getting a minimum fare supplement on some rides below 6.00. It's not much so far the most I've seen is .59. Is this new? If it is is this Uber's way of trying to make us not hate short rides? If so hate to tell them but .59 isnt going to change my mind & make me want to drive 10 min. only to pick up a pool or Uber X fare that amounts to 3.86. Funny thing is although I am seeing minimum fare on a few rides past 2 weeks (havent seen any in August need to check further back) I've been seeing increase on some rides with the booking fee. Booking fee was 2.00 for X and 2.50 for XL as I drive both in Philadelphia. Since Sept 1st some of my booking fees are 2.20 for X and 2.60 for XL but not all my trips trips. Some trips remain at 2.00 and 2.50. So give min ride fee but take it away with charging more for booking fee. Typical Uber. I was going to send a message but the computer at Uber that answers it will give me same scripted answer based on keyword. It will tell me what a booking fee is not why they are different on some rides since Sept 1st. Ill have to send 5 messages maybe then I'll get a real person. So not worth my time the real person reads off a script also. When you call customer service you get a person from another country who dont understand English well and reads off a scripted answer card. If it wasnt for us trying to make money it would actually be comical. Uber even gives the computer that answers you a real name lol.



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    OP 8199 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Checked fares tonight got one for .39 on a pool. Had a ride that fare was lower didnt get it on that one.