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Why would a driver prefer a TAXI over Uber or Lyft? When do drivers choose to drive taxis instead of Uber or Lyft?

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 Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

In other words how could a taxi be better from the driver’s perspective.

There has got to be an argument for this, and there are obviously still taxi drivers out there. and please consider the current changing tides and regulations that are coming. 


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     4 years ago  (edited 4 years ago)

    Huh.  This is actually a great question. 

    Supply and Demand is better controlled with taxis.  As much as people make fun of the medallions, that was created to control the # of cars out on the road. This assures that the demand is there for the drivers to make a decent living. 

    ...of course, Uber and Lyft's entrance to the market has broken this supply-and-demand balance.

    (With Uber and Lyft, you are at the mercy of other drivers' behaviors and Uber sending you the requests.)

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       4 years ago

      You mention how drivers at the mercy of Uber sending you requests.  While that's true, unless you are talking about street hails, dispatchers had a lot of control over whom they'd give the business to.

      • Smart taxi drivers would become chummy with dispatchers. Then dispatchers would call you for the rides. These types of arrangements and favors happens a lot.
      • Most taxis still use radio where the rider locations are broadcasted to all drivers in the area. Then one of the drivers would respond to confirm. This seems fair, but many drivers would lie about their locations and accept rides even if they aren't the closest one.

      I haven't driven a taxi in a while, but it isn't as pretty of a business like you think it is.

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         4 years ago

        Thanks for the reminder of the dark times. We are starting to only remember good things about the past, but that is far from the truth. Uber came around because it tried to fix many of the issues. 

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     4 years ago

    I drive a taxi because its less stress of ownership , and its get in and get out for passengers . Best of all passengers do tip because they are not in a Uber car and my average tip gross is 30%  

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     4 years ago

    Not sure I know anyone who would CHOOSE to drive a taxi over a rideshare. I think many that still hold onto it are people who own medallions.

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    46 Driver
     4 years ago

    Well, not everyone owns a car and has one at his or her disposal. 

    Many taxi drivers are immigrants who do not have the cash or credit history to purchase a car. They walk or take public transportation to "lease" a taxi, drop the few hundred bucks, and keep whatever they make. 

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    398 Driver
     4 years ago

    It was a cash business before. Many taxi drivers didn’t pay taxes as a result of this. 

    You’d think they keep track but nope. 

    How’s that for how a driver chooses the taxi over Uber. 

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      95 Rider
       4 years ago

      That may have been true, but not anymore, right?  People use credit cards now even on a taxi. Who uses cash?!