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WOW! The longest ride in Uber history was just recorded at 400 miles/8 hours!

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1026 Rider Guru
 Posted 7 years, 5 months ago

Where: From Williamsburg VA to Brooklyn NY

How Much: $294.09

Why: The passenger just needed to see her boyfriend.


The Guru Take


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    1202 Rider Driver Guru
     7 years ago

    Do you know the biggest irony of this is?  $294 is probably cheaper than the flight.  Think about it.

    I live in Boston.  400 miles will get me to Baltimore.  Flights can regularly be over that.

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      330 Rider
       7 years ago

      All I can think of is that poor driver who had to turn around and drive all the way back.

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    55 Rider
     7 years ago

    “She didn’t seem excited to see her boyfriend,” Rogers recalled. “She was kind of blasé. She looked tired.”

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    223 Rider
     7 years ago

    WHAT?! I would have thought that I would have died for a fare like this but the driver said she only made about $9 a hour when everything was said and done... not so good.

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    133 Rider
     7 years ago

    Too bad Uber doesn't let you tip the driver....