An All-Inclusive List of Lyft Ride Types 2023

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 22, 2023


Lyft has come quite a long way from originally having only one ride hail option to now having over 10 different options to suite everyone’s needs. While some ride types are only available in select cities, almost every city will have at least 3 different options to choose from. For fare estimates and a list of available ride types in your cities, visit our RideGuru Fare Calculator. 


Current List and Descriptions of Lyft Ride Options (according to Lyft.com)

*Wait & Save, Priority Pickups, and Preferred rides are currently only available in some areas.


Apart from these main Lyft ride options, Lyft also does occasionally offer special Promotional rides. Often times these promotional rides are in partnership with local events or organizations in your city. 

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