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Here is how many passengers can travel in each Uber service

Posted by: RideGuru in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 week, 4 days ago

How many people can fit in an Uber? If you have 4 passengers, should you order an UberX or an UberXL? 

Figuring out the perfect ride for your group can be challenging. You want to make sure the car your order has plenty of room for all passengers to sit comfortably but ideally you also do not want to pay more for a larger vehicle that you may not need!

Take a look below to learn the maximum number of riders allowed in various Uber and Lyft services as well as the recommended maximum luggage amount.


The Standard Economy Rides ...

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Should I Let My College Student Ride in an Uber or Lyft?

Posted by: lilly in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 week, 6 days ago

Every so often, the world wakes up to horrible news. Sometimes it’s a terrorist attack, sometimes it’s a natural disaster, and most recently it was the tragic death of University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson. She did something that almost every college student has done.  

She was out with friends in a popular nightlife area when she got separated from her roommates and decided to head home instead of stick around alone in a bar. Josephson called an Uber and climbed into the car that she thought belonged to her driver. Instead, he ended up being her ...

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GigWorker: Your All-in-One Guide to the Booming Gig Economy

Posted by: RideGuru in Announcements , Driver Community , Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Looking to make some extra cash? Curious which side hustle best fits your skills and schedule? 

According to a study by Intuit, 40-percent of American workers will be working as independent contractors within the gig economy by 2020. In this ever-evolving digital age, our societies workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile, and as a result, workers are eager to find flexible jobs that fit within their schedule.

GigWorker is your one stop resource for all things gig-related. With an easy to view web format, GigWorker provides tons of ways to make money on a flexible schedule. You can choose to ...

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Uber and Lyft at Walt Disney World and Universal; A Complete Guide 2019

Posted by: RideGuru in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 1 month ago

Walt Disney World may be full of magic but as any experienced mouseketeer can tell you, planning a Walt Disney World vacation takes a lot of time and patience. One important aspect of a Disney World vacation is transportation. As the Disney parks are significantly spread out from one another you will need easy transportation between the parks and your hotel if you choose not to use the Walt Disney World bus system.

Taking an Uber or Lyft around Walt Disney World is actually quite convenient and believe it or not, relatively inexpensive! Take a look below at our top ...

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The Top 6 Reasons Riders Tip their Uber Drivers in 2019

Posted by: RideGuru in Driver Community , Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 month, 1 week ago

In a recent survey that ran from 2/5 - 2/26, we asked over 500 respondents about their tipping practices. We wanted to see what drives riders to tip their rideshare drivers. Is it free candy and waters, opening doors, or just simply getting to the destination safely?

Tipping in rideshares has always been a topic for debate. During the early stages of Uber, the company heavily promoted a “no tipping” stance. Since then, riders have been confused about whether or not they should tip - even though tipping a taxi driver continues to be a common practice. 

Take a look ...

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