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The 7 Worst U.S. Airports for Uber and Lyft (2022)

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 2 weeks ago

Uber and the Airport

Rideshares have become a main staple in our transportation economy over the last few years and we tend to take them for granted. Most of the time it is easy to hail an Uber or Lyft, simply pull out your phone, tap a couple of buttons, and voila you have a personal driver at your command. However, some airports have been slow to adopt rideshares, forcing travelers to pay exorbitant fees or walk over 15 minutes, with luggage in tow, to a parking garage.

The Ride Gurus have rounded up the worst U.S. airports for rideshare transportation and while we …

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Uber Travel and Charter; Making Traveling Simpler

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Uber Travel

Uber is expanding their options once again, adding travel and charter services to their product slate. Uber’s latest additions are furthering their ambition to expand beyond their core ride-hailing business.

The first of the two new options, Uber Travel, lets you reserve rides for each leg of your travel itinerary in one fell swoop. By connecting your Gmail account to your Uber account, Uber will organize your hotel, flight, and restaurant reservations for you in one easy to find place. Further, you will earn 10% back in Uber Cash for each ride you book with Uber Travel. Uber Travel is …

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Driver Supply is Down, Ridership is Up. Here's How it Impacts your Uber Fare (2021)

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Driver Community , Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 1 year, 6 months ago

Uber and Lyft Prices in 2021

It is the perfect storm. A newly vaccinated population, emboldened to leave their homes again, meets a driver shortage, causing surge pricing to reach an all time high. Current demand for ridesharing is exceeding the number of drivers on the road in many cities around the United States and travelers are sharing their horror stories.

A little over a year ago, many drivers quit utilizing ridesharing platforms as a means of income due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. With various forms of financial aid such as pandemic unemployment assistance and multiple rounds of PPP loans, drivers have been able to make …

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Italy Travel has Opened Back Up! (Here are the Travel Rules for Visiting Italy 2021)

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Travel/Wanderlust 1 year, 6 months ago

Travel to Italy Resumes

On Sunday, Italy officially re-opened their borders to vaccinated travelers from several destinations, including The United States. This decision comes just weeks after the country first announced its intentions to begin welcoming travelers from outside the European Union again.

Italy has slowly been easing their lockdown restrictions that have been set in place due to Covid-19. Over the past month restaurants and popular tourist destinations like the Colosseum have begun to open back up across the country, though there is still a 10 p.m. curfew in place.

Travelers wishing to visit Italy must travel on a “COVID-free” flight, a flight …

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Reserve a Rental Car through Uber Rent

Posted by: RideGuru Team in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 1 year, 7 months ago

Uber Rent

Vaccines are rolling out, borders are opening up, and rental cars are nowhere in sight. Families hoping to take their first vacation since lock down are finding themselves in a dilemma when it comes to transportation options. Due to Covid-19, there is a currently a major rental car shortage and while some people are turning to rideshares to bridge the gap, on-demand transportation isn’t always the answer. Uber is hoping to help fill this need with Uber Rent.

What is Uber Rent?

Uber Rent is an Uber feature that allows you to reserve a rental vehicle directly through the Uber …

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