Can I bring my Dog in an Uber?

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Jun 10, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Want to take your dog along for your Uber ride? You may be in luck depending on your driver. Uber, let's the decision on whether or not a driver allows animals in their car rest with the driver. As Uber drivers are independent contractors driving their own cars, they are allowed to decline a rider who is traveling with a pet such as a cat or a dog. The best practice for getting ordering an Uber when you are with your dog is to immediately call the driver after you have requested your ride and explain that you have your dog with you. If the driver declines, you can cancel that ride and try again. As the discretion on pets is left up the driver you will want to make sure you are following the proper pet-friendly etiquette outlines below.

5 Tips to Get Your Uber Driver to Accept Your Dog

1. Make sure your dog is behaving. First and foremost, when your Uber is near arrival, make sure your dog is sitting very nicely beside you. If your dog looks calm and well behaved, drivers will feel more comfortable from the get-go!

2. Bring a towel or blanket. While some drivers may be ok with taking your dog for a ride, no one likes to clean up dog hair off upholstery! If your dog is a shedder, it is extremely important that you bring a clean towel or blanket to protect the driver's seats. 

3. Dirty Dog? Don't try to request an Uber if your dog has been digging in the mud or rolling around in the sand. If you do manage to get an Uber driver to drive your mud covered dog you can almost be sure to expect that a large clean up fee will be added to your bill!

4. Bring a carrier. If your dog is small enough to fit in a carrier that you can hold or place beside you, definitely use it! Most drivers have zero problems giving a lift to a dog if it is contained within a carrier.

5. Tip nicely. If you get a driver who is happy to have your dog in their car, make sure to show them you appreciate it with a tip!

*The above tips only reply to pets. If you have a service animal, your driver is always obliged to take both you and your pet! If you need help ordering a car with a service animal follow the steps outlined in this article.


In some cities, Uber has actually rolled out a service called "UberPet". With UberPet you can easily bring your pet along without worrying about messaging and asking the driver first! Each UberPet car is equipped with a kit that includes seat covers, lint rollers, etc to make your ride more enjoyable. The cost of an UberPet varies from location to location but it is typically the cost of a regular Uber plus a slight surcharge.

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