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5 Steps for Traveling in an Uber with your Dog

Posted by: RideGuru Jul 15, 2016
Updated Jun 19, 2018



When you live in a city or travel with your pooch, it can be hard to find pet-friendly transportation, hotels, and restaurants. While we may not be able to help you find pet-friendly hotels or restaurants we can help you order a dog-approved rideshare!

Both Uber and Lyft let the decision to allow dogs in their cars rest with the drivers. This means that some drivers may decline you while others would be happy to oblige to your dog-friendly ride request. Since Uber drivers use their personal cars to pick up passengers, you'll want to assure them that your pup will be on its best behavior! We have outlined the top 5 ways to make sure your pet-friendly Uber ride goes without any mishaps.

5 Steps to Travel with your Pet

1. The most important rule of traveling in an rideshare car with your dog is to call the driver ahead of time. As soon as you request your ride and your driver is on their way, contact that driver and ask if it is OK if you bring your dog along for the ride. If the driver does have a problem with dogs in his or her car, you can simply cancel the request within the allotted time period. Make sure to be honest about the size and breed of your dog as some drivers might only be OK with certain types of dogs!

2. Show off your well behaved dog. When your Uber is near arrival, make sure your dog is sitting very nicely beside you. If your dog looks calm and well behaved, drivers will feel more comfortable from the get-go!

3. Bring a towel. If your dog is a big "shedder" or loves to dig holes at the park, make sure to bring a towel or blanket to put over the seat. Many drivers are notorious for taking pride in their clean cars and if you try to get in an Uber or Lyft with a wet, muddy dog chances are slim that you will actually get a ride.

4. Bring a carrier. If your dog is small enough to fit in a carrier that you can hold or place beside you, definitely use it! Most drivers have zero problems giving a lift to a dog if it is contained within a carrier.

5. Tip nicely. If you get a driver who is happy to have your dog in their car, make sure to show them you appreciate it! 

As an important sidenote, if you have a service animal, your driver is always obliged to take both you and your pet! However, we still recommend following the above steps to make sure your ride goes smoothly.

The rideshare service Summon, also follows the above guidelines.

UberPet in Istanbul, Turkey

As of June 6th, 2016, Uber has begun allowing dogs in their cars in Istanbul, Turkey. The special service is titled "UberPet" and it is the same rate (plus a 10TL surcharge) as an UberXL. With UberPet you can easily bring your pet along without worrying about messaging and asking the driver first! Uber has equipped each UberPet driver with a kit including seat covers, lint rollers, etc so you don't have to worry about bringing your pet into a drivers car. If you are interested in this service in your hometown, let Uber know.

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