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Lyft drivers can rate passengers later? That's a horrible idea!

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234 Driver
 Posted 1 year, 8 months ago

Lyft drivers can now rate and leave feedback for their passengers well after the trip is over.  i think this is messed up because this means that the drivers can rate their passengers based on how much tip was left.  there can totally be retaliatory ratings.  Tip is supposed to be volutary!

From Lyft's website: "You can also edit passenger ratings from your ride history for 24 hours after drop-off. To do this, view the ride and tap ‘Rate passengers.’"https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013079948-Driver-and-passenger-ratings#passengerrating


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    162 Rider Driver
     1 year ago

    I would never downrate someone for no tipping. None of my local friends that do would either. We down rate for things like giving bad directions and then being upset when they don't work right. Making you wait until after you call to come out. Not following traffic rules like wearing seatbelts, not staying seated during the ride. Trying to get our phone numbers because we are "hot" and various other behaviors that we should not have to put up with. 

    A tip does not make up for that type of behavior. As long as someone is civil and follows the normal expectations I would never low rate them. At least in my city passengers are automatically given a 5-star rating if I do nothing. I like this because if there is not a problem then I just continue driving. If there is a problem I can come back to that transaction later instead of pulling over right away to let the system know that I do not want to be matched with that passenger again. 

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     9 months ago

    Uber needs to start doing the same thing. By definition, a pax who doesn't tip cannot be 5 stars. So I rate everyone at the end of the shift (almost always 5 star) and then the next morning before i start i go in and take away 1 star from anyone who didn't tip. Seems totally fair to me.

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    163 Driver
     1 year ago

    Tipping is a part of being a passenger.  What's wrong with a driver rating you badly for you being a bad tipper?  I've heard it before.  One should be rated for being a good rider, and not how much he tips..  but why isn't tipping a parta of this?

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      1149 Rider
       1 year ago

      I see your point but what if the driver was just plain horrible and he deserved no tip.  The tip to the driver is supposed to be representative of the quality of the service.  

      In other words, when a pax tips little or nothing, it doesn't mean that he is a bad tipper.  It could mean the driver was a bad driver

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     1 year ago

    I've only done this a few times, and only when other things were also wrong (excessive backseat driving, made me wait near the 5 minute mark,  food stops, etc).

    A secret system is actually ideal, considering drivers don't get to see exactly who rated what.

    Also, don't promise tips. Everyone knows that's a lie.

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    36 Rider
     1 year ago

    I really don't think Lyft drivers are going to be sitting around after their shift changing peoples ratings based on tips. I am sure they have a million better things to do.

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     1 year ago

    waoah, wait a minute. this is nuts.  Lyft, come on.  what te hell is going on.