GigWorker: Your All-in-One Guide to the Booming Gig Economy

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 28, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


GigWorker: Your All-in-One Guide to the Booming Gig Economy

Looking to make some extra cash? Curious which side hustle best fits your skills and schedule? 

According to a study by Intuit, 40-percent of American workers will be working as independent contractors within the gig economy by 2020. In this ever-evolving digital age, our societies workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile, and as a result, workers are eager to find flexible jobs that fit within their schedule.GigWorker: Your All-in-One Guide to the Booming Gig Economy

GigWorker is your one stop resource for all things gig-related. With an easy to view web format, GigWorker provides tons of ways to make money on a flexible schedule. You can choose to filter all possible gigs by verticals such as Delivery, Tasks, Lodging, Care, Lifestyle, and Transportation, or you can search for specific information on a certain company like Uber, TaskRabbit, or AmazonFlex.

Gone are the days of googling “How to make extra money from home?” and scanning through various articles and forums searching for a side hustle that might work for you. GigWorker does the searching for you by finding jobs from teaching English online to remote transcription jobs, and it even provides vital resources on how to maximize your time working for the many delivery apps like Instacart.

GigWorker: Your All-in-One Guide to the Booming Gig EconomyGigWorker’s network of information even covers jobs that can earn you passive income. Making money while you sleep may be easier than you think!

Not only does GigWorker provide invaluable resources for getting started in the gig economy, but they also provide unique sign-up promotions so you can make sure to get the best sign-up bonus available for your new job. They even provide useful information on the business side of the gig-economy, including freelance tax issues, insurance, and more.

No matter if you are new to the gig economy and looking to start your first “side hustle” or are a gig economy veteran trying to expand your empire, GigWorker can help you!

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    447 Rider Driver Driver
     3 years ago

    The gig economy is good for second income but to do it full time in my opinion is a loss because you are buying a job and not a business. Uber s pitch "be your own boss ' is misleading  as you have witnessed all the protests , lawsuits which has caused grief and a injustice to a human being trying to make a modest living. 

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       3 years ago

      If the gig-economy is successful, especially for full-time gigs, it will dispute the long-standing concept of real companies and businesses that depend on efficiencies and economy-of-scale.  Said the opposite way, being your own boss, where each person is his own company - at least for these jobs (e.g. driving, mowing lawns, etc.) - will lack efficiency and economy-of-scale. 

      Let's take any business.  A landscaping company that mows lawns. A gig-worker with his own lawn-mower will under-utilize his mower and waste time doing things he is not skilled in, such as marketing and doing accounting.  

      You can't build a company (or a village) alone, unless you are a true independent contributor who knows how to survive and create great value alone. I'd hate to say it but driving cars isn't one of them.

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    97 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this!