The Answers to Your Most Common Rideshare Questions

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Oct 01, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


answer to your rideshare questions 

If you have used a ridesharing service before, you probably have encountered at least one issue during your ride. Here are some of the most common questions passengers ask during and after taking their Uber or Lyft ride, as well as steps you can take to get your issues resolved.


  1. You left an item in the rideshare vehicle.

If you leave an item, such as your phone, wallet, or headphones in the car, you can easily get your items back. Keep in mind, it will cost you (at least if you leave it in an Uber), so try to remember everything before you leave the vehicle.

To retrieve your lost item from Uber, follow these instructions. To retrieve your lost item from Lyft, follow these instructions.


  1. You were charged a cancellation fee when the driver cancelled the ride.

Sometimes, if the ride is cancelled by either you or the driver, you will be charged a cancellation fee automatically to your account. The fee is issued when it is an inconvenience to the driver that you cancelled when he was already on route to your pick-up spot.

You can dispute a cancellation fee charge directly through your Uber or Lyft application.


  1. The driver took a longer route than expected.

With GPS tracking, this is becoming less and less likely as most rideshare drivers use a navigation system through their device to navigate their ride, however sometimes a driver may choose to ignore the route because they claim to know a better one. As a passenger, you have the right to instruct your driver to follow the GPS or not, and if you tell him/her to follow the instructions and they don’t listen, you can refute the charge through the Uber or Lyft application in your trip receipts.


  1. You want to take multiple stops in the vehicle

Have you ever been in a rideshare and had the sudden urge to stop for food? Taco bell maybe? This dilemma can be easily solved. Learn how you can make multiple stops in an Uber or Lyft here.


  1. What did my driver rate me?

While there is no way to formally know what a driver rated you, you can easily figure out your passenger rating through the rideshare app. If you are a frequent rider, you can keep track of your rating and manage how often it is going up or down. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to worry about your rating getting too low, the app will automatically tell you when you are below the threshold rating for passengers. For some tips on how to keep up a good passenger rating, read here!


Felicia is a Multimedia Guru at RideGuru. She recently graduated from Bentley University with a B.S. in Marketing and minor in Computer Information Systems. She is an avid rideshare user who enjoys both domestic and international travel.

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