How to Book an Ola Car for Your Friend or Family

Posted by: RideGuru Team Sep 13, 2022
Updated Sep 13, 2022


Are you looking to book an Ola Ride for your friend or family member? Here is everything you need to know in order to book your loved one a ride and make sure they arrive at their destination safely!

How to book a ride for a friend who is NOT at your current location:

  1. Open up your Ola app
  2. Enter in your friend’s current location as the pickup location.
  3. Select which service you would like to pick up your friend and then choose to either RIDE NOW or RIDE LATER.
  4. At this point, you will be asked who you are booking this ride for, tap ‘Someone Else’ and then select your friend’s contact from your phonebook.
  5. Confirm the booking!

Please note, you currently cannot book a shared ride for a friend.

How to book a ride if your friend is with you:

  1. Open up your Ola app and proceed to make a booking as usual.
  2. On the booking confirmation screen, look for a button that says ‘Myself’ or ‘Personal’ (The wording can differ based on the app version). Tap this button to be able to select ‘Someone Else’
  3. Follow the prompts to select your friend’s contact from your phonebook.
  4. Confirm the booking!

Upon booking confirmation, your friend will receive an SMS text that will contain the ride details. Through a link in this text, your friend will be able to track their ride. Also, by sharing your friends contact details, if the driver needs to contact your friend, they will be able to do so directly.

Does my friend need an Ola account to accept a ride?

No, it is not required for your friend to have the Ola app installed or have their own personal Ola account. However, your friend will need a mobile phone with internet connectivity or mobile data to be able to track their ride.

Can I track my friends ride?

Yes, you can track your friends ride through your Ola app. Click on ‘Your Rides’ within the Ola app menu and select the correct ride. Then tap ‘Track Ride’ to follow along.

Are there extra charges for booking an Ola ride for a friend?

No, at this time there are no extra charges for booking an Ola ride for someone else.

Who pays for the ride when I book an Ola for my friend?

If you would like to pay for the ride for your friend or family member, choose any of the cashless payment options before you confirm the booking. If you would prefer that your friend pays for the ride make sure to choose ‘cash’ as the payment option and ensure that your friend has cash on them.

I need to cancel an Ola ride I booked for my friend.

You can cancel the Ola ride by selecting the ride from the ‘Your Rides’ section in your Ola app menu and tapping ‘Cancel’. Your friend can also cancel the ride using the link that was shared with him/her via SMS text.

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