Rejected by Lyft or Uber? Here is how to reapply!

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Oct 15, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


How to reapply to be an Uber driver

Being rejected by Uber or Lyft is unfortunate. But, just because you’ve been rejected once, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily rejected forever. You can always try again and reapply.

People are rejected from Lyft and Uber for all sorts of reasons. They won’t tell you exactly why you’ve been rejected. The most common reasons people are rejected are because of their background check or their driving record. Sometimes a little time between applying and reapplying means that issue will go away. Usually if you’ve been accepted by one company, you’ll be accepted by the other. But not always. Decisions are made by humans, and that means there are occasionally inconsistencies. 

The good news is you can reapply if you have been rejected in the past. There is no set time limit, but waiting three to six months will make your chances greater of being accepted upon reapplication. There is no official reapplication process for either Uber or Lyft, and you can’t go through the original application because you’ll receive an error message since you’ve already completed that process. You will have to contact Uber or Lyft and ask them about reapplying.

To reapply to Uber, you’ll need to get in touch with Uber support and ask to reapply. Before contacting them, wait at least three months, or they will not consider your reapplication. Go to help.uber.com and enter I have another account issue, which will take you to a blank contact form. Let them know you want to reapply, that you’ve waited x amount of time, and you want to know what to do next. If you don’t hear back, keep emailing them until you receive a response. 

Lyft also requires you to jump through some hoops to reapply. The company will not reconsider your application until you have waited six months. Once the time has passed, go to help.lyft.com and navigate to the Contact Support button. Choose the option I am an applicant and then check my application status. In the following text box, let them know the situation, how long you have waited, and ask what to do to start the reapplication process if possible. If you don’t hear from them right away, wait a few days before emailing them again until you have a response. 

Reapplication is possible to both Lyft and Uber. The companies don’t make it easy for you. Many people who have been rejected or deactivated have reapplied and been accepted by the companies. If you were rejected due to a criminal record, there is almost no chance you will be accepted by either company, sorry. They take their users’ safety very seriously, and any potential threat, no matter how small, is avoided at all costs. If you don't want to go through the hoops of reapplying, check out what smaller rideshare companies might be in your area and apply to drive for those.

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    -1 Driver
     3 years ago

    My uber account opened please

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     2 years ago

    They literally DON'T take rider safety into account as Uber has repeatedly hired rapists and serial sexual assaulters. 

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    1 Driver
     2 years ago

    I have been rejected by Lyft for a misdemeanor domestic from 1991.   It isn't on the list of disqualifying offenses.  The conviction cannot be expunged for life in the state of Colorado but Lyft says a Certificate of Rehabilitation can be submitted for reconsideration.  Even though this was 30 years ago, and their list states only serious crimes in the past 7 years are reasons to disqualify an applicant, I was tossed over this minor offense many decades ago.  If I enroll and attend a DV class now, will the certificate of completion show rehabilitation sufficient for Lyft?


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       1 year ago

      You’re not the only one David. Lyft rejected my application due to a non violent misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge from 2007, 15 years ago! I was able to get state certification as a licensed massage therapist in 2010, but I can’t drive for Lyft 15 years later? How crazy is that? What’s even more bizarre is that Uber accepted me. So I’ve been driving for Uber with no issues for 3 months and it would be very beneficial for me to be able to run both apps simultaneously. So frustrated that Lyft rejected me for such a minor non violent offense from so long ago. I actually know a guy who drives for Lyft that spent time in jail for gang related assault, yet they won’t hire me? How ridiculous.