What You Need to Know About the Lyft Shared Saver Program

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Aug 05, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Lyft has become a part of people’s lives, lending a ride to people in a pinch for every day usage and everything in between. In an economy driven by competition, consumers are demanding lower prices. The company is responding with a their latest plan: Lyft Shared Saver. 

It functions differently from the standard Lyft ride or a Lyft Line ride because it requires a little more interaction from the customer. Lyft Shared Saver asks riders to walk a few blocks to reach their pickup point and walk from their drop off point. There is no picking up and dropping off at your front door. The distance is not far, but it is a good way to save a few dollars and get a few steps in. As the name indicates, riders will also be sharing the trip with other passengers.

Ordering a shared saver program begins the same way as any other Lyft ride. Open the app and enter the desired destination. Click the “shared saver” riding option before hitting “confirm ride.” You will then see what the distance is to your pickup location. When the ride is confirmed, a notification will be sent along with instructions to the pickup location and your vehicle. This process can take up to a few minutes in order to match a rider and driver with fellow passengers heading in the same direction. You will see a cost estimate for the trip before you book your ride. Typically a shared saver ride is about 50% less than a personal Lyft and 25% less than a Lyft Line ride. If you’re willing to be around other people or walk a few blocks, you could save a good chunk of money by taking advantage of Lyft’s riding options. 

Shared Saver Program is a great way to get some steps in, meet new people, and save money at the same time. The program does take a little bit more time than the more traditional rideshare options, but if you have some time flexibility, it can be a viable and cost effective option. Don't forget to always tip your driver though as these types of programs definitely impact their bottom line!

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