The World of Shared Rides [Infographic]

Posted by: RideGuru Oct 29, 2018
Updated Oct 26, 2018


What percentage of riders use Uber Pool or Lyft Line?

There is a lot of hype around shared rides such as Uber Pool and Lyft Line these days. Both Uber and Lyft love pushing their shared rides option and even go as far as to have their shared ride option automatically selected when a user first opens the app. Some critics state this is becuase the companies make more off of shared rides while drivers, unfortunately, take home less.

We wanted to learn how riders feel about shared rides and polled over 1,000 riders in a recent study to see if riders are adopting the shared ride lifestyle. The results were fascinating.

Apparently, Uber Pool riders are still in the minority with only 7% of respondents using Uber's Pool option for a majority of their rides. 48% have never pooled before!

Interestingly, while Uber Pool may not be for everyone, those who have used the service have found it to be quite beneficial. 14% claim they have been offered work through connections made in pool rides, 32% made friends or useful connections through pool rides, and even 3 lucky respondents stated that they married someone they met in a pool ride!

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