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Tips for Dealing with Stress and Burnout as a Rideshare Driver

Posted by: RideGuru May 03, 2019
Updated May 09, 2019


Tips for dealing with stress and burnout as a rideshare driver

Being a rideshare driver can be an interesting experience, meeting new people, always out and about, discovering your city in a new way. But, like any job, there can be burnout and stress. Sitting in the car for hours can difficult on the back and mind. Always dealing with new people can be exciting, but it can also be frustrating. If you are feeling frustrated with being a driver, check out our top tips to get your head back in the game.

Stay Fueled

Staying hydrated and full is an important part of being a happy and productive human. A car can’t go without fuel. You can’t go without it either. Keeping a bottle of water and snacks in the car is important for your own mental and physical health. Hanger might be a funny term, but it’s not so funny when you’re stuck in a car. 

Break Time

This can be the easiest and most effective way to avoid burnout. Take a ten minute break at a park to sit outside enjoying the sunshine. Is it free museum day in your city? Take an hour and wander around one of them to spark some creativity or get lost in the beauty. Maybe you need more than an hour. Take the afternoon to spend time with family or friends. If you can afford it, take a day or two or a week off can be a real help.


Exercise has a huge impact on how the brain functions. Sitting in a car can be exhausting mentally and physically, but it’s important to keep moving. Join a gym or start going for walks. Getting your body moving helps release endorphins and diminish stress. It is revitalizing and can have a serious impact on feelings of stress and burnout.  

Other Platforms

There are a ton of platforms out there for you to take part in for driving. There’s Lyft, Uber, Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, Doordash, and more. There might even be some specific to your city. If you’ve been driving Lyft, try Uber. If you’ve never done food delivery, try it out. Hop on the platform and do a few orders. You might find out the clientele is completely different, or you love driving with food as your passenger because you can car-sing your heart out. You won’t know unless you try, and what’s the hurt in trying. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to your original platform.

Change It Up

Keeping things new and fresh is important. Driving at different times can affect your money and who you’re driving around. 

Support Group

Join one. It will give you a sense of community and a place to vent. It’s important to have people who understand what you’re going through. The RideGuru Forum has an engaged community of rideshare drivers who enjoy discussing their days events with one another and asking for advice.

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