Uber and Lyft Toll Fees 2020

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jun 05, 2019
Updated Aug 07, 2020

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For rideshares like Uber and Lyft, the highway, airport, bridge, and tunnel tolls that you incur on your trip will be automatically added to your bill at the end of your ride. The toll amount charged is based on the electronic toll collection system price, such as FasTrak, TollTag, Good to Go! Pass, or E-ZPass. Please click here for a complete list of US tolls. You can also choose to calculate the cost of your ride on RideGuru’s Fare Calculator which will also include the price of any tolls that you may incur on your journey.

Some exceptions to the above rule are:

Please note that Uber and Lyft can't remove or refund the cost of the toll if you pay for it outside of the app. The driver should never ask you for cash for a toll!

If you would prefer to take a route with no tolls you can ask your driver to reroute, but keep in mind that this might actually cost your more depending on the time and distance!

Finally, rides to many airports now include a pickup or dropoff fee for all commercial rideshares. To view airports in your coverage area and the fees associated please visit our Airport Page

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