Lyft Surcharges and Fees

Posted by: RideGuru Team May 09, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Lyft Surcharges and Fees

Have you ever been at an airport, a concert, or a sporting event when you tried to call a rideshare? Not only is it mayhem trying to find your ride, but you may notice that the price for your ride also increases. How about, have you ever been charged a fee from Lyft and have no idea what it is for? Additional fees and surcharges can be maddening, especially when it is unclear why you are being charged. To help clear up some of the confusion, we made a list of Lyft surcharges and fees that you might encounter when using an their service.

What is Lyft Prime Time

Prime Time is when there’s a higher demand for rides, the cost increases because drivers are busier than usual. You’ll see the “Prime Time” cost itemized on your receipt. The additional cost is calculated based on the current availability of drivers in your area.

What are other Lyft surcharges can you expect?

Lyft fees

There are a variety of fees that may be added to the bill depending on the city where you use Lyft. This often makes it frustrating for passengers who want to know what they’re being charged for. However, the only way to know is to understand exactly what the related costs are for your own city. Return tolls, venues, and more can all carry Lyft fees. Visit your city’s page here for more specific details or calculate your fare through RideGuru.


For every city where Lyft operates that has tolls, they have an automated system. They utilize systems like E-ZPass, Good to Go!, FasTrak, TollTag, etc. Lyft will not refund any tolls that are paid by customers in cash and all tolls should be paid through the app. For example, you’ll see this occur with a hefty $20 surcharge for any trip between New York and New Jersey because of the tolls in that area. If your trip involves a crossing of the Verrazano Bridge, you can also expect a $19 surcharge. Always good to know before you go! 

Airport surcharges 

Rideshares have revolutionized airport travel. Gone are the days that you have to hail a taxi and watch that dreaded meter tick up. Yet, some airports have a pickup or drop-off fee for riders due to the additional time it takes to navigate airports. For a complete list of airports that may have airport surcharges click here

Knowing what you’re being charged for is the way to be a smart rideshare user. Lyft surcharges vary from city to city, so make sure you do your research. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to wait it out or walk a little out of a Prime Time zone. 

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    Lyft charged we with a damage fee for no apparent reason. Took Unathorized fee from my credit card with no explanation. The fact they DON"T HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER is criminal!!!