Uber Promises Every Car on their Platform will be Fully Electric by 2040

Posted by: RideGuru Team Sep 11, 2020
Updated Sep 14, 2020

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On Tuesday, Uber announced that they have plans to ensure that every vehicle on their ridesharing platform is 100% electric by the year 2040. Further, they are have committed $800 million through 2025 to help drivers make the switch to electric vehicles.

With over 5 million drivers worldwide, this is a hefty goal. Uber plans to help drivers secure electric vehicles through various incentive programs. Already, Uber has formed partnerships with GM and the Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi alliance to give discounts to drivers who buy or lease electric vehicles. Additionally, under this new initiative, Uber plans to give discounts to drivers for the electric charging costs they will incur. They will also give drivers a slight bonus for using electric vehicles, part of this bonus will come from the rider who for the time being will be charged a surcharge for choosing a “green vehicle”. Currently all US and Canadian Uber drivers who are driving a fully electric car will receive a $1 bonus per trip.

This promise comes on the heels of Lyft making a similar announcement in June. Lyft vows to switch all cars on their platform to electric by 2030 but are not providing any financial support to their drivers. Both companies have faced years of criticism over the amount of pollution and congestion caused by their large fleets of drivers.

Currently, electric cars only account for about 0.15% of all U.S. and Canadian Uber trips so Uber has a long way to go to get their fleet of drivers to 100% electric! 

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    Can we start by making their cars COVID free?