What are Spin Scooters?

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Nov 18, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


As more people move to cities and become eco-conscious, it’s no wonder ridesharing is taking off. Scooters are a no brainer for environmentally friendly city dwellers. They are quick and affordable to get around but also have a small carbon footprint. Bird scooters are widely known because they were the first of their kind, but Spin scooters followed only five months later. 

San Francisco, 2016, was the birthplace of Spin and their scooters. Within a year of their creation, Ford bought the company for almost $100 million. The acquisition allowed Spin to invest time and money into developing a battery powered scooter with a range over 35 miles, anti-theft precautions, and the safest and sturdiest design on the market. They have a presence in over fifty cities around the United States and are competition for more widely recognized names. You can find Spin scooters in San Francisco, Omaha, D.C., Memphis, and more. They have also entered the collegiate competition by putting their scooters on over twenty college campuses around the country. 

Riding a Spin scooter is affordable but depends on your location. For every ride, you will be charged a base fee of $1. Depending on your location, you will pay between $.15 and $.33 per minute you use the scooter plus tax. For a half an hour ride in a high rate area, you won’t spend more than $9. Their price structure is similar and competitive with their competition. 

To use a Spin, you’ll need to download the app through your app store. Open the app and sign up using your Facebook account or an email address. Scan your driver’s license when prompted; you may not be prompted because it is not required in every locale. Under the Menu tab, choose “balance.” You’ll need to add a payment option. You can load as much as you want onto your account as long as it’s in an increment of $10. This will unlock a free first ride.

To start a trip, open the app. On the map, you’ll tap on the scooter that is closest to your location. You’ll see how much charge is left on the scooter and the per minute fee. Walk to the scooter and scan the QR code (located between the handlebars). Your scooter is now unlocked, and you’re ready to go!

Put one foot on the scooter, kick off the ground with the other foot, and use the right hand throttle to go. Both feet can be on the scooter as you go. The right hand throttle will keep you going. The left hand is the brake. You’ll need to stay in bike lanes for safety. There are permitted areas, which are marked in orange on the map. If you don’t follow the rules or park in no-park zones, your account can be suspended. Spin’s can go up to 15 miles per hour, but most cities have speed limits set at 10 mph. There are no restrictions to the times you can use Spin, so feel free to use one after dark!

You can only use Spin scooters for 24 hours. If you exceed that, you’ll be charged the fees you’ve accrued, a $25 service fee, and a $200 per calendar day fee; after 48 hours, Spin can file a police report with the police, and you’ll be subject to theft and more fees. 

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