What is a Lyft Pink Membership?

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Dec 05, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Yesterday, Lyft announced its newest membership plan, Lyft Pink. According to Lyft, Lyft Pink is “just one step in the shift from personal car ownership to having a society that views transportation as a service”.

Lyft Pink is aimed at riders who are currently using Lyft more than 2-3 times per week. Priced at $19.99 per month, Lyft Pink subscribers will save 15% on all car rides, priority airport pickups, surprise offers, relaxed cancellations, and more. Here is the complete information on each of these perks:

15% off unlimited car rides

Save on every car ride you take — anytime, anywhere. That’s right, there is no cap. This is a great incentive for those who use Lyft frequently and for longer trips. The cost savings here could be quite large.

Priority airport pickups

This is only available at a few applicable airports. In these cases, Lyft will match you with the closest driver. This perk currently is not available at LAX, LGA, MDW, MSY, PDX, and SAN.

Relaxed cancellations

Lyft will cover up to 3 cancellation fees a month BUT you have to rebook your cancelled ride within 15 minutes.

Surprise offers

Get seasonal discounts and exclusive savings. Lyft does not give much information into what these surprise offers may entail.

Waived lost and found fees

Lyft will waive all lost and found fees you may need.

Bikes and scooters

Subscribers will get 3 free 30-min. bike or scooter rides per month for a limited time. Bike perks are available in the New York Metro Area (via Citi Bike), San Francisco Bay Area (via Bay Wheels), and Washington DC Metro Area (via Capital Bikeshare). Scooter perks are available in Austin, TX, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Oakland, CA, San Diego, CA, San Jose, CA, and Washington DC.

Do you want to become a Lyft Pink member? If so, sign up here.

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