What is 'Uber One' and how to sign up!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Apr 13, 2022


Uber One

Uber One, formerly Uber Eats Pass, is Uber’s newest subscription model. Uber claims to have brought together all the best parts of their previous subscription models into one simple option: Uber One.

What Is Uber One?

Uber One is a paid subscription service. Similar to many premium memberships, Uber One subscribers will receive different rewards and benefits for utilizing Uber’s services. The main perks of Uber One are as follows:

In short, Uber One members can expect to pay less for their grocery, delivery, and pickup orders than standard Uber users. Uber One users are also given access to premium support channels and invite-only events to create a “VIP” sort of experience. 

How to Sign up for Uber One

To get started with Uber One, you will need to first sign up on Uber’s website or app. From there, you can choose to pay either a monthly ($9.99 per month) or annual ($100 per year) subscription price. You will need to fill in some personal information including a payment method. You will also be given the choice to auto-renew your subscription at this point. Once you have filled in all the requirements, confirm everything is correct and click “Confirm” to sign up.

Uber One is currently open to anyone with a verified Uber or Uber Eats account. Please note, if you live in Canada, your membership is called an “Uber Pass” instead of “Uber One” but the benefits are largely the same.

In our opinion, to get the most out of the subscription, an Uber One member has to use Uber delivery or ride trip services quite often. If you are not an avid Uber user, Uber One will not be worth the cost. If you are on the fence, there is a one-month free trial available for new Uber One users.

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