What is Uber Cash?

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Sep 06, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Uber cash allows you to plan ahead and be preemptive by putting money on your account ahead of time. You can use Uber cash on rides and Uber eats. It never expires, and you can even get a discount.

Uber cash is added to your Uber account through Uber Support, promotional credits, gift card balances, Uber Amex Benefits, or buy purchasing directly through the app. It is easy to purchase Uber cash. Open the Uber app. Tap the menu icon in the upper left hand corner. Tap Payment, then tap Add Funds. Tap the amount you would like to add to your account before tapping Payment Method to choose how you would like to pay. Finishing by tapping Purchase. You have now added Uber cash to your account. Using these steps you can receive a discount on your purchase, which means more rides for less money. 

If you’re not sure whether you have Uber cash or not, you can always check by opening the Uber app. Select Payment, and tap on 'Uber Cash'. This will show you your balance and transaction history. If you use Uber cash to pay for a ride but don’t have enough to cover the entire trip, the amount remaining will be charged to the payment method on file. 

Using Uber cash couldn’t be easier. Enter your destination like you always do. Before ordering the ride, click on the payment method. You can choose Uber cash or check to make sure it is your default payment option. Then, request your ride. If you forgot to use Uber cash for a ride and wanted to, you can apply Uber cash retroactively. Tap the menu icon. Click on Your Trips. Choose the trip you want and click Need help with this trip? You will find a switch payment method option, and then tap Edit Payment and tap next. Select Uber Cash. Then Next/Submit. You’re all done. Uber cash has been applied retroactively. 

If you love Uber Cash, you can ensure you always have some available to you by enabling auto-refill. Tap the menu icon, then Payment, then Auto-Refill. Choose the amount you want added to your balance. You can toggle Auto-Refill on or off, then tap Update. Anytime your balance goes below $10, the amount you chose will be added to you Uber cash balance. 

Sometimes people delete their Uber accounts; that doesn’t mean you will lose the Uber cash you already purchased. When you delete your account, you will receive an email with a PIN you can use to redeem your Uber cash balance in the future. If you decide to delete your account, any promotional credits or Uber cash you did not purchase will be forfeited.  

It is important to note that at this time Uber cash is not available to be used on Family Profiles. Uber cash is a great way to pay for rides and eats without having to worry about your bank account.

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     4 years ago

    Uber Cash is a pretty interesting feature. You can purchase it, and it's also kind of a catch-all for several different types of ride credits. Claiming an Uber gift card will credit Uber cash to your account. And if Uber support gives you a ride credit due to a refund or other issue, it will appear in your Uber Cash balance (Source at Uber.com).

    Uber Rewards can generate Uber cash: When you reach 500 Uber Rewards points, you are credited $5 in Uber Cash. Certain cash back rewards cards also offers Uber Cash as a benefit. Then there's Visa Local Offers, where you can get cash back in the form of Uber Cash when you use a Visa at participating restaurants.

    So far Uber hasn't done a great job at explaining everything that Uber Cash can do. I had to dig around to figure this all out, and I'm a pretty heavy Uber user.

    Here's more about Uber payment options. There are a lot more payment options than Lyft!

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