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What is Raiser LLC?

Posted by: RideGuru Jun 27, 2018
Updated Jan 18, 2019

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raiser llc

We have heard a lot of people raise the question, “What is Raiser LLC?”. We want to clear up any confusion about what the company is, and how they are related to Uber.

Raiser is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber, founded by Travis Kalanick. Raiser collects the income from ridesharing while Uber itself is the holding company. One of the purposes of this wholly owned subsidiary is to protect Uber from any legal issues that arise.

Raiser LLC is technically liable for any rideshare situation that happens at Uber. This means that when someone sues Uber, the suit would also be against Raiser. When a city is deciding whether to offer Uber a license to operate, all of that is managed through Raiser LLC.

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One of the biggest topics of discussion about Raiser is its role as the intermediary between Uber and its drivers. Everyone knows that Uber drivers are not considered employees, but rather contractors. This has stirred much debate across the world because Uber drivers are not given insurance or healthcare as any typical full-time employee would who works over a given amount of hours. Uber drivers could work 60 hours a week if they desired, and still not be considered a full-time employee of Uber.

The way Uber gets around this is by creating the contract between Uber drivers and Raiser LLC, which takes Uber out of the equation. Since Raiser is the company that officially contracts Uber drivers, the drivers are paid by Raiser. So, if you are a newly contracted driver, you can expect to see deposits made to your bank account by “Raiser LLC” and not Uber itself.

Lyft, on the other hand, is not associated with Raiser at all.

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     6 months ago  (edited 6 months ago)

    Your article is incorrect.  Drivers are given auto insurance for our cars. While we are connected on the app and driving that insurance kicks in. We are also given the opportunity to purchase health insurance. Which at First Look is definitely better than any Obama or Trump care insurance plan it's cheaper and the deductibles are lower. Coverage is are better.  you need to update it because of the following reasons I just stated.