What is the Holiday Hub on Uber Eats?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Dec 08, 2021


Holiday Hub on Uber Eats

'Tis the season for Carols, lights, and on demand holiday cheer delivered right to your door, right?! This year, Uber has announced a new feature within their Uber Eats app, the Uber Holiday Hub. The Holiday Hub is a specialized service that makes is easy for customers to find Holiday must-haves such as holiday décor, stocking stuffers, or even a Christmas tree all in one place. Of course, any items listed within the holiday hub are available for immediate on-demand delivery!

To shop on the Uber Eats Holiday Hub, open your Uber Eats app and tap on the “Holiday” Banner at the very top. You could also search for Holiday items in the search bar using fun emojis such as the Christmas tree emoji or the present emoji. The Holiday Hub has access to a wide range of stores including Rite Aid, Walgreens, and GoPuff.

Perhaps the neatest feature of the Holiday Hub service is the ability to order a Christmas tree, which is currently available to customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and West Palm Beach. New York City users have the option to order a Holiday wreath!

Additionally, from December 1-31, Uber Eats Holiday Hub customers will receive $20 off orders of $60+ from certain stores listed within the app, including Mr. Jingles and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 

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