How to use Uber to make your Holidays easier

Posted by: RideGuru Team Nov 23, 2022
Updated Nov 23, 2022


The holidays are upon us and whether you’re traveling, hosting, or sending gifts, Uber has you covered. Just last week Uber introduced some new features to “help you go, get, and give.” Take a look below to learn more and Happy Holidays from the RideGuru Team!

GO with Uber

Uber has announced three new updates to help you “Go with Uber”. The first update is Uber Travel, which is now available in more than 10,000 cities throughout the world! Uber Travel helps to organize all your travel needs from your hotel, flight, and restaurant reservations all in one easy application. 

The second update is Uber Explore. Once you have booked your travel, Uber Explore can help you book any entertainment or excursions. This year Uber has announced that they have now teamed up with Viator and OpenTable to bring even more “tourist attractions, can’t-miss events, and must-try restaurants.” 

The third update under the “Go with Uber” announcement is an expansion to Uber Charter. Uber Charter is now available in over 20 US cities, helping users arrange travel needs for large groups of people. Through Uber Charter you can book a party bus, passenger van, or coach bus to take your friend group or large family wherever you may need to go!

GET with Uber

The second Uber expansion to help make your holidays simple this year is “Get with Uber.” This year Uber is debuting their new Uber Eats Holiday Shop, a “‘one-stop shop’ for party must-haves from major retailers like Walgreens, Albertsons, Total Wine and thousands more, delivered directly to you in a hurry.” Uber hopes their Holiday Shop will help to fill in any gaps for users this holiday season from the forgotten batteries on Christmas morning to the last-minute alcohol run. The Uber Eats Holiday Shop is available around the world.

GIVE with Uber

The last update to Uber’s holiday announcement is “Give with Uber”. Through some new Uber Connect features, Uber can help you send holiday cheer across your community. While Uber Connect has been available for some time now, they have recently made it easier to send multiple packages at once, to different destinations, with even the ability to verify package arrival with proof of delivery. No more driving all over town to deliver your cookies!

Will you use Uber this holiday season to help with your last-minute preparations?

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