What is Uber Helicopter?

Posted by: Bekah Wheeler Jun 14, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Uber is always on the cutting edge. They are revolutionary and continue to be so by offering the latest and greatest thing. UberEats changed the game in food delivery. UberPool helped to make it cheaper to get around. UberBLACK for the fanciest and "shmansiest" of cars. What could Uber possibly come up with next? Uber Copter. You read that correctly. Uber will now be offering a helicopter service in New York City starting on July 9th. 

Helicopters could be the next greatest thing offered by Uber. For between $200 and $225 per person, you can take the eight minute flight between the airport and New York City. The trip includes to and from car service for each portion of the trip. These rides can be booked up to five days ahead of time. Uber Copter is hoping to significantly cut the commute time people have between the city and JFK, which can take people anywhere between an hour and two hours. Each trip will take five passengers. The helicopters have limited space and do have a weight requirement for luggage. A passenger is allowed one personal item and a carry on weighing 40 pounds or less. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to use this new service. To take a helicopter to or from the airport, you have to be an Uber Rewards member at the platinum or diamond levels. This could be a great way to cut down on time to and from the airport if you have the cash. You’ll already have to be spending a good deal of money on Ubers to have the opportunity to ride with Uber Copter. 

There still is not a ton of information about Uber Copter just yet. As the service launches and begins doing business, more information will come in. This could be an interesting and innovative way of getting around New York City in the months and years to come. Who knows, it could expand to other cities. 

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