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Posted by: RideGuru Team Jul 05, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020



Welcome to the RideGuru blog.

Our team is "uber" excited to present RideGuru to the world as the ultimate rideshare expert. RideGuru is not only a place for travelers to find their cheapest fare or learn which rideshare company to use on their upcoming trip to India, it’s a community. We are going to break down the barriers between riders, drivers, and rideshare companies, share tips and tricks for traveling on a budget, and perhaps engage in a little light banter over the ever popular Taxi vs. Uber debate.

RideGuru is truly making waves as the "Orbitz" of ride-hailing as we currently support an impressive array of rideshare companies in over 70 countries. No matter where you are traveling, our goal is to provide you with all the insight you will need to get around safely and economically. While our RideGuru fare comparison calculator will detail every aspect of your trip from total cost to the type of car you can expect to pick you up, our site will offer various other help articles and tools to make sure you are truly a “Ride Guru” expert by the time you leave.

Not only are we here to answer all of your rideshare and taxi questions we are also here to inspire your wanderlust and help you explore the world, one ride at a time! Keep your eyes out for beautiful travel pictures, weekly city spotlights, and original pieces of advice from local rideshare drivers looking to share their favorite hidden spots in their hometown cities.

Welcome to the RideGuru community, we are happy to have you!


The RideGuru Team

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