Why Does Uber Want My Location?

Posted by: Felicia Dodge Jan 20, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


In case you haven't heard, Uber introduced a new update that allows the rideshare giant to track your location, even after you close the Uber app. This application feature prompts you to agree to giving Uber your location up to 5 minutes after your ride is finished. Curious as to why the company is interested in your location? So were we!

In Uber's latest update, they eliminated the option to only track location "while using the app". Now, riders must choose between the "never" and "always" options for tracking location. Using the "never" option makes the Uber application very difficult, given the fact that your location is how your driver can find you.

This recently introduced feature tracks your every move even after you leave your Uber, close the app, and are walking into the restaurant with your friend.

Why does Uber need this information?

Apparently, this is Uber's latest effort to track customers in order to improve themselves and continue to be the fastest and best rideshare company around. They are using the information to better identify ETA estimates and identify the best pick up location in a certain area.

Another safety concern Uber has that they hope to eliminate with the tracking of location is how often riders have to cross the street after being dropped off to get to their destination. Uber believes it is a safety hazard for a rider to run through traffic in order to reach their destination.

Is it crossing the line?

The new location sharing feature has been controversial to many people, but I'm not totally convinced that this new feature of Uber's application is absolutely necessary, especially if the goal of the company is to improve as a rideshare firm. This could have a negative impact on Uber's reputation over time, especially considering what many consumers are saying about the rideshare giant today.

On the other side, I'm interested to see if and how Uber uses this information they get from tracking locations. Will we be able to see the insights that Uber finds? If Uber actually takes action, I would be interested to see a lot of cool new features of the Uber app. I agree it can be frustrating when an Uber driver does not have my exact location, and if I start to see an improvement in this, I might be okay with it.

What do you think about Uber's new location services? Let us know!

Felicia is an intern at Ride.Guru. She is from upstate NY, and is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Bentley University. One day she hopes to travel the world and visit every continent. 

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