RideGuru adds MyTaxi, Cabify, and Toodooloo to Fare Comparison Calculator

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jul 16, 2017
Updated Jan 16, 2020


Everyday we hear about another rideshare company that is making a mark on the industry. We try to support as many of these companies as possible. This weeks round up of new RideGuru companies features Cabify, MyTaxi (MyTaxi has since changed their name to FREE NOW), and Toodooloo. Take a look below to learn more about each new company then check your ride estimate on our RideGuru Fare Comparison Calculator.


Cabify is a rideshare service in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. It provides vehicles for hire through their rideshare application. Vehicles are driven by their owners, just like Uber and Lyft. When you are finished with your ride, the credit card you have on file within the application will be charged. In Lima, Peru there is an option for cash payment. While Cabify rates are fixed for the most part, there are some areas where their fares will increase during nights, weekends and holidays.

Cabify currently offers a business solution as well for businesses looking to keep track of all their transportation needs.

Available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, and Uruguay.


MyTaxi is another start up modeled after the Hailo philosophy (hailing a traditional taxi with an app). The two main differences are MyTaxi does not charge a surcharge for hailing a taxi and the app is available not only on iPhone and Android but also on Blackberry and Windows phones. 

Available in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, and United States.


Toodooloo is a transportation and tour guide platform offering flat rate hourly bookings in Sydney, Australia. Currently Toodooloo does not have an app but Toodooloo's driver profiles can be viewed on their website and advance bookings can be made directly with drivers online. This allows you to pick the driver that best fits your needs. Toodooloo drivers are locals who know their city and not only provide transportation, but also give local advice and tour guide services at no extra charge. 
Upon booking a Toodooloo car, the pick-up location, pick-up time, booking duration, and number of pasengers is confirmed and the driver/s will put together a booking plan based on passengers' preferences.

Available in Sydney, Australia.

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