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  • You forgot the part where he was supposed to say your name BEFORE you let him in the car.

    Either way works, 

    you say their name,     they say yours.         

    You say your name,       they say theirs.       

    Lately I have not been starting non house pickups until they give me my name.   Just to raise awareness.  

     People usually only check the car and the pic.

  • "Driver will ask your name you then give yours."   NO.

    You say "Hi" and say the passengers name so they know you are there to pick them up.

    The passenger should say "Hi" and your (the driver's) name so the driver knows they are the correct customer.

    I am tired of the wrong addresses put in to pick up at.   Sometimes the app will not let them put the correct address. It is for this reason that I never pull into a driveway.  It can be very dangerous.  Also, it makes me nervous when people try to get in the car and they are not where they were supposed to be.

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     2 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Seems like Uber stopped this practice.  Thanks Uber.

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     2 months ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

    We do not get the destination until after the trip is started... so exactly how does that help?  Unless you are cherry picking...

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     2 months ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

    You are supposed to give them their name!   Then they are supposed to give you yours.  You got it backwards.   Yes?

    Since the SC incident I have had several people check my plates... I like it.  They will say my name, I say theirs.   It is a good icebreaker/handshake/civil start to a ride.  

  • Maybe it is different for rideshares and taxis, but in NC, if the damage is minimal, you are required to move to the side of the road.... of course you should take pictures of the accident, pavement, skidmarks, reasonably clearly first.

  • I have been thinking about this.  Some of the things I have heard are really not repeatable here, crude and unbecoming...   

    There was one toxic woman... she was so toxic... until she said... "Oh, you are from NYC... well that explains a lot."   I had been very nice to her, so nice, and she was being horribly abusive... well anyway,  she pressed a button and I silently flipped...  My eyes must have given her an angry look... (one hell of a transition... I was really offended.)  I think she actually jumped... maybe even peed a little...  and on realizing she had crossed the line...  she became as sweet as your grandma.  The ride went from -100 to +10.  (I think she did not want her son to get a 1.)

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     2 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    You are damn straight it is evil. They are steal from us... make no mistake.. it is STEALING...   I refuse to make THEM any money while they are stealing from me.  

    So, I turn it off to spite them, even though it hurts me, because they hurt me more.

    They keep their share and give none of it up.  

    Uber could easily set things up so DM rides 50-80+ miles from home would not be affected.

    They already cut our mileage pay.
    Now, to add insult to injury... After gas, taxes, depreciation, maintenance...  then add 30-50% taken off the top... what is left for us???  So we are expected to drive 2 hours for them just to cover our gas?  Yay!   Oh Joy... (facetious)

    How would you like to be forced to work extra hours for less than hourly pay?  Simple, just don't work those extra hours... and work on finding a better job.

    Isn't it supposed to be "Uber" and not "Rube?"

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     2 months ago in  Uber plans to kick off IPO in April!

    Why would you invest money in a company with a billion dollar loss in one year?

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     3 months ago in  Is Uber eats worth it for drivers?

    Hmmm, lets see.   

    Pizza delivery is only done within a certain radius of the restaurant.  

    The mileage and gas is less.

    You leave when the food is ready and hot, 

    you receive an hourly wage.

    You do not have to have an excellent car and there is minimal depreciation.

    You do not have to drive 15 minutes to the pick up, find parking, find someone to give you the food, then check it.

    You do not have to get something to keep the food warm.

    You generally do not have to deal with GPS as much the distance to deliver can be longer...  8-20 minutes of traffic to get the food there.

    People tip pizza and Chinese delivery and are happy to see the delivery guy.

    People know that if they do not tip for a paid delivery guy... the restaurant will remember them.

    Your car does not get smelly like a poorly cleaned restaurant.

    You make a bit more than $3 an hour... before expenses.

    There are a lot of variables with the food that can go wrong, and it gets taken out on the driver.

    Who cares how bad it is for Uber.   It is a bad business model in many markets and bad for Uber Drivers.

    If Uber was smart, they would only offer it in good areas.   (Some are actually good.  Not where I am!)

    I am just glad I can turn it off or ask them to remove it completely.

    Try getting pulled 17 minutes  off course to pick up a bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin… then 10 minutes further for $3 and no tip.

    Or a delivery in traffic that takes 55 min and grosses $3 and enough aggravation to kill a horse.

    No thanks.

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     3 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Interesting.   I never claimed to be an expert.   When I started, there had been several people that were deactivated supposedly for low acceptance rates.  When I read the agreement, it was my understanding that a low acceptance rate could lead to deactivation... or so I thought.

    Maybe things have changed.  (They do tend to change things don't they.)

    However, the statement:

    "we no longer display your acceptance rate because it does not have an affect on your ability to earn promotions."

    Does not mention anything about being deactivated, but only about your ability to earn promotions.

    So, I dug up the Driver deactivation policy:  


    Acceptance Rates

    High acceptance rates are a critical part of reliable, high-quality service, but not accepting trip requests does not lead to permanent loss of your account.

    Consistently accepting trip requests helps maximize earnings for drivers and keeps the system running smoothly. We know that sometimes things come up that prevent you from accepting every trip request, or you may want to take a break. But not accepting trip requests causes delays and degrades the reliability of the system. If you don’t want to accept trips, just log off. 

    If you consistently decline trip requests, we will assume you do not want to accept more trips and you may be logged out of the app. [3]"

    So, It seems as though you are correct.  it will not lead to deactivation, but it does no good for the system... however... again... seeing how we are being treated and often cheated... I get it.

    I am also going to add this:  

    "Cancellation Rate

    A driver cancellation is when you accept a trip request and then cancel the trip. Cancellations create a poor rider experience and negatively affect other drivers. We understand that there may be times when something comes up and you have to cancel an accepted trip. But minimizing cancellations is critical for the reliability of the system.

    How is my cancellation rate calculated? Your cancellation rate is based on the number of trips canceled out of the total number of trips you accept. (For example, if you’ve accepted 100 trips and 4 of them are canceled, your cancellation rate would be 4%.) High-quality drivers typically have a cancellation rate lower than 5%.

    What leads to you losing access to your account? Each city has a maximum cancellation rate, based on the average cancellation rate of drivers in that area. We will alert you multiple times if your cancellation rate is much higher or if you are consistently canceling more often than other drivers in your city, after which you may be logged out of the app. If your cancellation rate continues to exceed the maximum limit, you may lose access to your account."

       ( ref: )

    We were not talking about cancellation rates, kind of a non-sequitur… but you can get deactivated for it.

    I stand corrected.  Thank you.

    Also, we do not get Uber-Pro here, but apparently they are not saying "Acceptance rate" will affect it.

    I am curious about something. How do you know which 97% of the rides to not accept?   

    There have been many rides I did not want to accept.  Sometimes I will not accept a 20 minute ride to a pickup.  sometimes I get these 1 block from the airport lot with almost no one in it.  (no brainer.)

    Others I accepted and wound up with $25 and up fares.

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     3 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Low rated?  I may not be a 5 but I am just a few points away from it.  I did not realize you were an expert on my life... Continue while I take notes....  mmm no...  Wrong, wrong... wrong wrong.    In order for you to insult me, I would have to value your opinion.  Nice try though.

    If they are collecting data as they said, and if everyone did like you... all it would do is show negative results for DM.   I do OK, I play the game within the rules and try not to be an ass, or jaded, or unethical... despite how we may be treated.  I also try not to give bad advice that newbies will think is good.   Keep declining/missing rides while online.  Eventually you will be deactivated.

  • Follow Up:    I went to Todd at Bigg Time Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Mooresville NC  They deserve a shout out BIG TIME!  They had a special leather cleaner that breaks down the oils and sucks them out, while adding good oils in.  (Not available over the counter and you would not want to get it on your skin!) They said it might be strong but it was not.  Two days ago my first rider got in and said your car smells so nice.  (I do not use air freshener.)  No kidding.  I was like  "did someone put you up to this?"  she said no.  I swear I had a tear welling up in my right eye.  

        For someone who has a heightened sense of smell, this has been traumatic.  It was so nice to hear this.  I know the product worked.  It took a day or two to completely break any residuals down, but it really worked...   (remember I tried several methods and 15 times to get he smell out myself.)

    If you live in the area, they will come up on google.  I do not live there, but he did me a favor and you can tell him the traumatized uber guy sent you.... he might give you a discount.

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     3 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    You idiot.   What is that going to do?   That is going to give them data that DM mode makes the customers on average wait LONGER for rides.  It is going to give them data to support ELIMINATING DM MODE.   Way to cut your nose off to spite your face and ALL OF US.

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     3 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    I think you guys are hilarious... because it is Big business sucking from us little guys, not the left liberalism.  It is big right wing republican bubbles that are clueless as to the plight of the average Joe/Uber driver and so far removed... that obviously they don't give a crap and are shooting themselves in the foot.  DM removal is not going to save or help pick up times.   If you are 2 hrs from home and need/want  to get back... if someone local at your current location gets the ride that would have taken you home instead... they will be removed from that location for 4 hours minimum.  You are going to turn off Uber and dead leg it home.    Now instead of what Uber wants... they are short that one local driver that could have been there for local rides and reduced some wait times.  

    When I waited tables, we always had to take some crappy tables to get the good ones.   Same thing with rides, but some are cherry picking too much... which puts off the manure to other drivers who accept anything.   What Uber needs to do:

    1) Give incentives to drive 20 minutes to pick up a fare.   Especially if it is a $4 fare.  (I probably had an hour and 20 min of rides to pick ups in 2 hours this morning.  It sucks.)   Local drivers get wise to repetitive 40 minute rides for $4.  Of course they are going to decline.   (Kind of like Uber Eats)

    2) Keep the DM with two a day...  This is the bare minimum that they need for DM for some of us.

    •  At least have one for taking care of business... going to work, daycare, lunch...  get to a location.
    • and one or more for returning home from a long distance ride  1hr/60 min or more away from home to one's home or city...  ESPECIALLY AFTER WORKING 10 HOURS.   

    3) Monitor acceptance rates.  Reward people with higher acceptance rates.   

      In fact, maybe a compromise is to give people with a maintained acceptance rate 2 DM's a day.

    I also have to ask:  Why are they considering letting people know where the rides go before accepting them, but then offering incentives to never decline a ride?  (Isn't that sort of what UberPro does?)

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     3 months ago in  Is Uber eats worth it for drivers?

    They like Uber eats in Orlando and make good scratch.  

    Twice I have been tricked into doing it for what equates to $3 an traumatic hour.

    Nope, not here.  It actually costs me money to do it here.  Esp when it is 17 minutes or miles away.

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     3 months ago in  Uber plans to kick off IPO in April!

    Hard to believe.  Sounds like Congress at Christmas.  Trying to see what they can get away with by pushing it, knowing no one will retaliate.  It is hard to believe that with Uber's constant lowering of pay outs for drivers, that anyone would have faith in their stock.  Right down to stealing  30-50% off the top (not the payout) for some rides.  Granted drivers have to agree to it and choose the mode... but many depend on the income and are so strapped... they have to bend over and take it until they can find more work.   At this time, I would not want to be in business with them.   If they are smart, I would think they would delay this IPO stuff, rather than selling a pipe nightmare.    I mean please:  Convince me I am wrong.   Please.

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     3 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Simple... I will not use destination mode, but rather turn off Uber and eat the cost of a 2 hour dead leg.   Or I will use Lyft's Destination mode.   

    End result:  Uber has less drivers.  Some other driver will get the ride that I would have taken... and there will be one less driver to take the other rides... Furthermore, if that ride takes the rider 80 miles away: then there will be one less driver in that area for HOURS... where If I had taken the ride home... that rider would have remained in his area to handle jobs there.

    I am not going to chance getting a ride an hour in the wrong direction at midnight when I am already 2 hours from home and have been working for 10 hours.   

    I also think that if they remove DM mode... many drivers may just tell pax that they cannot do rides that long because of the dead leg and Uber's unscrupulous business methods.  Gas is going up too.

    If Uber would just allow DM filters to get home... or when over an hour from home or town or the destination...  rather than locally just trying to get back to the airport... I mean... DM only works twice a day for about 20 min... WTF?

    The Uber Kool-Aid is tasting more like Vinegar.

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     3 months ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    This is stupid to mention Bernie.  He only wants to tax those who earn a quarter Million and more … more.  Not people who barely make enough to pay taxes.

  • Not exactly the same thing but I had a passenger take me to a place on a lake where everything was closed.  First he would not get out of the car, then he did but would not take his hands off of it, then he got back in the car.  He would not speak.  He was trashed and I am still not sure how he was conscious.   

    If I kicked him out he could have walked onto the highway there.... possibly get killed.

    He could have easily fallen into the lake  (a similar thing happened to a friend a two years ago) and drowned.    

    Nope.  Got the police to get him out of the car and I managed to contact the closed bar I picked him up at and his wife was looking for him.    NO, I did not let him back in my car.  Yes his wife had to get him.  No, he did not get arrested because I was able to get  his wife's phone number or he was going to jail.

    Point is, I was not going to read about his death the next day.   It is easy to blow people off and miss potential results of your actions.   One needs to be mindful.  Death is permanent.

    All it cost me was 2 hours and five minutes.   I may have saved his life.   It was only my third day driving.

    Oh, I learned an important lesson.  Never end a ride before the passenger gets out of the car and takes his hands off of it.

    That being said.  I have said no to open containers before the ride...  and now, a year later,  under the right circumstances I would kick someone out of the car, preferably some place safe to let them out.   Lets hope it never comes to that, because it would have to be pretty bad.

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