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  • Picked up an older lady.  Very elegant like a fairy godmother or royalty from a Disney movie... she looked around 80, silver hair... wonderful lady.   I asked what kind of music she like and she said Freddy Mercury... and I had just made an MP3 CD of all Queen.  We cranked it up and it was like a Waynes World Ride with grandma...   not the strangest ride... but so unexpectedly fun and positive.

  • Yes, but only a few.   ie.  I am prepared for most trouble, but there are just some things you cannot risk.
    1) people carrying babies with no baby seat.
    2) young kids or unaccompanied minors (unless they are in danger if I leave them there... like it is getting dark.) (I save the dashcam video for those rides) If it is policy not to take on unaccompanied minors... and there is an accident... technically the insurance might be a problem.
    3) If someone looks like they are about to puke. (Usually mutual agreement, they do not want to get billed.) or if they are incoherent... I would consider driving off. (Done that once)
    4) Just recent: If a bar tender tries to put someone in the car that cannot even walk... I have learned to not accept the ride. I feel bad about this, but they can sober up and I love my car and cannot handle chemical smells or puke smells. (Done that once)
    5) If you have more than 4 people. (I only have 4 seatbelts besides mine. NO YOU CANNOT SIT IN THE TRUNK! (many times)

    6) If the passengers are fighting... I would drive off.
    7) If you are drinking from open containers (alcohol) No Way... Where I live - open container is 6 month drivers license suspension. (Some people refuse to drink or dump.) (Ok in Taxi or Bus, but not in a rideshare.)
    8) If they are filthy... I have towels and even a tarp on hand at all times... but there are limits. My Third day a guy tried to get into my prius with 3" rings of mud all around his work boots even after I asked him to kick some off... twice... He pretended that he did not speak English and when I asked him in "his language" he said (in perfect English) "Awww you should have known what you were getting into when you took this job.." What a jerk. I explained that we pay for everything uber pays for nothing and it is my car. He complied but gave me a bad rating and permanently stained my mat. I rated him badly and blocked him. I also have to protect yourself. We may be the service side... but we matter too. It may suck for the rider... but you cannot just get expect an Uber to accept your ride because you do not want to ruin YOUR car.
    Most people understand... Most rides are good... this happens on occasion, and we do have to protect ourselves.
    9)  If they are not where they dropped the pin. This is happening more frequently.  Often they can be 2 miles or more away from the pickup.  Not sure why, but I am going to start cancelling these more.  The problem is that it hurts me to cancel.

    FYI, real cleanup for a puke could cost $1000 or up if bad enough unless you like smelling puke forever. It is actually a bio hazard too. I would assume for some the only recourse is to replace the carpeting or panels or seat covers... disassemble the door to get inside... etc. So the path of least resistance is to say no.
    TMI, sorry.
    Things I wish I could cancel for:  People who reek of cigarettes or pot.  I have to clean the seats when they get out... the whole car stinks and I do not want the next people to smell bad when they get out.  Also people who wear too much perfume... for same reasons... or they make my eyes burn and lungs hurt.

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     6 months ago in  The 4 Most Common Issues with the Uber App

    How about this same article, but for the Driver Ap?

    1) Destination mode does not work correctly... You could be an hour away from where you need to be and it times out.  or you cannot stop new requests once you get near your destination...  So you better remember to go offline about a mile away or get hit with multiple failure to accepts.

    2) Information about ride length and direction in ride offers may not be correct.

    3) There is no feedback option in the help menu...

    Imagine wanting to be home by 3am after working for 10 hours and instead you are an hour away and now have to drive home alone with no hope of work, because it could take you further away...  Or needing to make a doctor's appointment/pick up the wife or kids/be on time for your birthday party or what ever....   only to keep getting requests that pull you further away with no hope of getting back in time.  (failure to accept requests hurts your status... cancelling requests hurts it even more)

    Don't get me wrong... not trying to invalidate or minimize any issues towards riders... Thier issues need to be addressed most certainly!

  • I Like Uber Pro. Why? It offers balance. You get more if you do not cherry pick often... but you can cherry pick if you need to a little bit. This means I have to try to take all rides if possible, but there will be a few times where it is really a bad choice to accept the ride... and we have the ability to see that in advance and decline as long as we stay within parameters. It also stops people from abusing things by constant cancelling... at least if they want to achieve platinum status. In order for Uber to work, people have to be happy to take it. If people cannot get rides and uber is unreliable, the word will spread and people will stop taking it. Just like waiting tables. if you want to work in a good establishment, you will have to take all tables, not just the high dollar ones. You will have to take some dead shifts to work the heavy ones. It is the nature of the thing. I really like the balance of it. I even wrote in as to how this would work a while ago and am happy to see it in practice. It also helps me enjoy the work better.

  • Hard to believe there is a loss when they make so much off each driver.

  • "End Days" ridiculous.

  • Sorry, Get real.

  • In the last several days I had 4 riders with accounts that had non working phone numbers. I cancelled another because when I called they said they had not ordered and Uber and it must be someone else with the same number. Reason: "I did not feel safe" and I called in to have them deactivated. Two were from China and I am not sure why the numbers did not work. Frankly it scares me a little when the numbers are not in service. You are right. As drivers we get no reliable information about the riders.

  • As a driver, I have no remorse for rating a dangerous driver or a garbage smelling mechanically dangerous car a bad rating. Putting peoples lives at risk. Every person they give a ride to will consider not getting an Lyft/Uber ever again after their ride. Get them off the road. Just be sure they deserve a 1 before you give it. Wrong car, Wrong pic, DO NOT GET IN, and report. NO EXCUSES. Don't speak English? That is what google translate is for.

  • Yes, That would upset me quite a bit. Otherwise I tend to get pulled further and further from home. Like hours sometimes. Actually they are asking us to drive for free. My rate card says 33 cents per mile and 10 cents per minute. Frankly, I almost s#@t myself when I saw it. No warning... unless they had a popup when I was driving. Someone on the phone said it was more... but I guess I will have to do a ride to find out... but really I do not want to. Eventually the IRS will have to do something. The write off is more than the pay. You are depreciating your car for a little cash. If it is a recent model... you lose big time. Funny thing is my last tech job would pay me an hourly rate for my travel time AND $.75 per mile.

  • You forgot the part where he was supposed to say your name BEFORE you let him in the car.

    Either way works, 

    you say their name,     they say yours.         

    You say your name,       they say theirs.       

    Lately I have not been starting non house pickups until they give me my name.   Just to raise awareness.  

     People usually only check the car and the pic.

  • "Driver will ask your name you then give yours."   NO.

    You say "Hi" and say the passengers name so they know you are there to pick them up.

    The passenger should say "Hi" and your (the driver's) name so the driver knows they are the correct customer.

    I am tired of the wrong addresses put in to pick up at.   Sometimes the app will not let them put the correct address. It is for this reason that I never pull into a driveway.  It can be very dangerous.  Also, it makes me nervous when people try to get in the car and they are not where they were supposed to be.

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     3 years ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    Seems like Uber stopped this practice.  Thanks Uber.

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     3 years ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

    We do not get the destination until after the trip is started... so exactly how does that help?  Unless you are cherry picking...

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     3 years ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

    You are supposed to give them their name!   Then they are supposed to give you yours.  You got it backwards.   Yes?

    Since the SC incident I have had several people check my plates... I like it.  They will say my name, I say theirs.   It is a good icebreaker/handshake/civil start to a ride.  

  • Maybe it is different for rideshares and taxis, but in NC, if the damage is minimal, you are required to move to the side of the road.... of course you should take pictures of the accident, pavement, skidmarks, reasonably clearly first.

  • I have been thinking about this.  Some of the things I have heard are really not repeatable here, crude and unbecoming...   

    There was one toxic woman... she was so toxic... until she said... "Oh, you are from NYC... well that explains a lot."   I had been very nice to her, so nice, and she was being horribly abusive... well anyway,  she pressed a button and I silently flipped...  My eyes must have given her an angry look... (one hell of a transition... I was really offended.)  I think she actually jumped... maybe even peed a little...  and on realizing she had crossed the line...  she became as sweet as your grandma.  The ride went from -100 to +10.  (I think she did not want her son to get a 1.)

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     3 years ago in  Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

    You are damn straight it is evil. They are steal from us... make no mistake.. it is STEALING...   I refuse to make THEM any money while they are stealing from me.  

    So, I turn it off to spite them, even though it hurts me, because they hurt me more.

    They keep their share and give none of it up.  

    Uber could easily set things up so DM rides 50-80+ miles from home would not be affected.

    They already cut our mileage pay.
    Now, to add insult to injury... After gas, taxes, depreciation, maintenance...  then add 30-50% taken off the top... what is left for us???  So we are expected to drive 2 hours for them just to cover our gas?  Yay!   Oh Joy... (facetious)

    How would you like to be forced to work extra hours for less than hourly pay?  Simple, just don't work those extra hours... and work on finding a better job.

    Isn't it supposed to be "Uber" and not "Rube?"

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     3 years ago in  Uber plans to kick off IPO in April!

    Why would you invest money in a company with a billion dollar loss in one year?

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     3 years ago in  Is Uber eats worth it for drivers?

    Hmmm, lets see.   

    Pizza delivery is only done within a certain radius of the restaurant.  

    The mileage and gas is less.

    You leave when the food is ready and hot, 

    you receive an hourly wage.

    You do not have to have an excellent car and there is minimal depreciation.

    You do not have to drive 15 minutes to the pick up, find parking, find someone to give you the food, then check it.

    You do not have to get something to keep the food warm.

    You generally do not have to deal with GPS as much the distance to deliver can be longer...  8-20 minutes of traffic to get the food there.

    People tip pizza and Chinese delivery and are happy to see the delivery guy.

    People know that if they do not tip for a paid delivery guy... the restaurant will remember them.

    Your car does not get smelly like a poorly cleaned restaurant.

    You make a bit more than $3 an hour... before expenses.

    There are a lot of variables with the food that can go wrong, and it gets taken out on the driver.

    Who cares how bad it is for Uber.   It is a bad business model in many markets and bad for Uber Drivers.

    If Uber was smart, they would only offer it in good areas.   (Some are actually good.  Not where I am!)

    I am just glad I can turn it off or ask them to remove it completely.

    Try getting pulled 17 minutes  off course to pick up a bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin… then 10 minutes further for $3 and no tip.

    Or a delivery in traffic that takes 55 min and grosses $3 and enough aggravation to kill a horse.

    No thanks.

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