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RIDERS: What are some of your reasons for not tipping a driver?

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2980 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 weeks ago

As a rider there are various reasons for taking Uber/Lyft. Here are some of the reasons riders gave me. DUI, suspended license,  dont want to drink & drive, lease car dont want to put miles on, dont have a car, cheaper than parking, and dont want to risk accident in bad weather, public transportation stinks in my area, cheaper, cleaner, more convenient then a cab.  They are saving you money, no risk to your car during inclement weather, no risk for you getting in accident if drinking & driving & saving you from DUI or worse.  If driver is polite, respectful, car is clean, drives you safely from point A to point B, maybe offers chargers & other amentities, possibly does a small favor by stopping somewhere. Why wouldn't you give at least 1.00 or more? Obviously they are saving you more than that few dollar tip you could give. I totally understand the driver gets paid. But by now you surely have heard that drivers are not making much $ like they used to. After Uber takes their 25%, then 2.00/2.60 booking fee, and then the "others fee" usually .25 to .99.  What the driver actually receives isnt much. Lets not forget gas, oil changes, taxes, ride share insurance, wear & tear on car (trans fluid, tires, other fluids, etc) Not that its your fault or problem but assuming you are a somewhat decent person why dont you feel the need to tip a few dollars for a service well done? I am curious why some riders tip and others dont. If you dont tip for rideshare but tip waitress, bar tender, etc... Why someone who hands you a shot & beer, or your dinner on a plate versuses a driver who takes all the risk, gets you around safely, and saves you money?


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