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Cargo and other snack services for Rideshare

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1602 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Are any of you selling snacks in your cars to passengers whether individually or as part of Cargo or one of the rideshare services that provide snacks and an on line app.

If so, tell me how it is working out for you?  Has it been profitable?  Does it require cleaning your car after every snack is purchase?


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    54 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Since Uber suggests we provide bottled water and snacks (although I dont provide these unless really hot out or during holidays I'll put some candy out) I dont feel comfortable selling it. When I did provide free snacks & water my first month no one really took any of it and it was free. So I dont see people wanting to buy it. I may be wrong just sharing my experience. I can say in past few weeks I've found more trash (water bottles, gum wrappers, candy wrappers stiffed in my back seat pockets, on the floor, seats, & cup holders more than ever before. Dont know why all of a sudden or why people think this is ok to do but its annoying especially since I dont see it all the time before next rider gets in. 

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      8199 Rider Driver
       4 years ago

      I agree MattC. I wouldnt feel comfortable selling those things since Uber tells you to offer them free. I dont offer them either except really hot days and some holidays. If a rider gets in and sees you are selling them they may have something to say if there last few drivers had water and snacks for free.  On the one night I changed cars & forgot to grab my chargers and aux cord I had a few riders say "my last driverr had blue tooth or aux cord" or "my last driver had chargers". I would feel uncomfortable selling things Uber suggested for free. Just like the whole tipping issue. I still have people say "Uber said riders didnt have to tip".  I do see in other forums where people do sell snacks but I guess it depends on where you drive how well it works.  Maybe we will get lucky and a few drivers who use Cargo will share their experience.

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    174 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Knowing me, I would eat all the snacks, put on weight, and lose money. I guess I just don't have that kind of self control...

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     3 years ago

    Are there other Companys beside Cargo and Surf that may offer something similar?