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Do taxi and Uber drivers feel angry when customers use GPS map during their rides?

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 Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

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     1 year ago

    I am a driver and I am indifferent.  I think.  I do notice passengers using it, and all I can think is... "Well, dude, I am using the same GPS.  It's right in front of you."  

    It's actually a good reminder for drivers to ask the riders when a route change is possible or preferred.  I woud politely ask, "Is it ok if we get off at this exit?  There's likely traffic that way, so I prefer to go this way."

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     1 year ago

    Ooohhhhh, so people ARE sensitive about this.   Me too!

    So I use Google Maps on my phone while the trip is taking place.  I do it just to make sure we are headed in the right direction and also to get an idea of when we'll get there.  I will admit, I do hide it from the driver as I don't want to offend him!

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       1 year ago

      Hide?  Interesting, I do the opposite.  I use Google Maps, and I try to have the driver notice I am using a mapping app.  I don't blurt and announce it, but I make comments or position it in a way he can see my screen.  I do this to keep them honest. 

      Wait, am I being a jerk?  I didn't think of that.

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     1 year ago

    I do it but I hide it.  I mean, it's a total breach of trust.  We are having a chat and heaven forbid my phone says, "Turn left in 200feet."  Gasp!  So embarassing. (And it's happened to me before.

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     1 year ago

    No, I don't get angry.  In fact, many of my passengers do it, and I understand that it gives them a piece of mind.   I suppose I can take it as their not trusting me, but you know... i get it.