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Done picking up at grocery stores.

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 Posted 2 years, 6 months ago

I am done picking up at grocery stores. I get it that people who don't have cars have to go get food but it just does not work for us drivers. 

I just had this couple who had bags after bags of groceries - like 30, probably because they can't make it to the store that often. I was horrified as I pulled up of two shopping carts full of stuff, including three cases of beers and liquor. Then they had the gull to tell me they have conditions and that I need to help them. She was morbidly obese and he was on a walker which I had to also fold and put into the front seat. Well, I too have back problems from an accident with a semi a few years ago, and this is not what i signed up for.

When we got to their house it was a trailer house - and they once asked me to carry the groceries to their porch. then they proceeded to move very slowly obviously accentuating their disabilities and making sure i knew that they were in no condition to carry them. To an uber driver time is money, so I start helping, just thinking i need to get these people out of the car but what really ticked me off is that this is what they expect out of drivers, any drivers, i think.  i wasted 20 minutes on this couple carrying stuff they should be able to carry. no i am not your chauffer and a butler. 

and of course they didn't tip. not at all. I also think I made like $7.

i am done. see how drivers are taken advantages of? i *had* to help them because they basically took my car hostage. 


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    221 Driver
     2 years ago

    I feel your pain Robin! If people are nice and they ask for help I will give it to them. That being said, if people do not ask or they are not nice, I will open the rear of my vehicle and watch them as they load their groceries and/or stuff. Same for when we get to their destination, I open up the rear of the vehicle and wait. These types of people tend to be regular abusers of our good human nature - so, the next time I pull up and see them or notice their ping address, I would cancel. Especially if they did not tip me the last time. Good Luck Robin ! I hope you feel better! 

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    203 Driver
     2 years ago

    This has happened to me many times before and when I called it finally was when someone freaking rotisserie chicken juice spilled ALL over my trunk. Of course, I never managed to get the cleaning fee either.

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    669 Driver
     2 years ago

    You usually know which rides tend to be for the shopping or groceries. It's usually in inner cities and those large shopping complexes.  There is one in Southie (that's Boston) that has Target, Stop & Shop - I think, Home Depot, etc.  Most people who go there don't have cars so they are lined up outside waiting for their Ubers. 

    Better avoid that area! 

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    37 Driver
     2 years ago

    Right, the problem is you never know until you accept that they want to go to the grocery store. Even after accepting you may not know until you arrive at the location.... (because you may only see the address)

    Those horrid shopping carts waiting...

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     2 years ago

    Cases of beer are not light either... since when did riders get the impression that drivers are personal butlers??

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     2 years ago

    I would be angry too, I know those kind of people and they never tip. They have this "my life is the worst" mentality and think they are entitled to not tip or pull their weight. sorry this happened to you, sounds crappy.