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Carrying multiple phones, driver apps, and accounts. Does this really happen? Does it really work?

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 Posted 1 year, 8 months ago

I am a driver but I take Uber sometimes. I ran into a driver the other day who told me he had two phones to double the chances of getting pings (i.e. pickup requests).  He said he had his spouse open an account so he can be logged in and carry two phones.  He said this worked like a charm.

In amazement, I asked some questions, and he said he has never been caught.  They were both under the same car insurance and registration, so the customers can feel at ease that the car is the one they called.

Now, besides the shadiness of this practice, do you think this will really work?


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    1075 Rider Driver
     1 year ago

    Will it work?  Maybe for a short while, but the second he gets caught, they'll both be permanently deactivated.  You may be able to lie your way out of it once, but the truth will catch up to you quickly in a business filled with paranoid passengers. 

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    339 Rider Driver
     1 year ago  (edited 1 year ago)

    I think it is totally BS. If his wife's phone gets the ping and he shows up as a male and the passenger expects a female, then as a passenger, I would be worried or even scared.

    I thing what happened is, he tried it once and his wife's phone got pinged not his. He didn't take into account, if his wife's phone wasn't there then his would have been pinged. 

    What about the picture on both accounts? If the pictures are the same, then  it may work. 

    Doesn't seem worth the trouble. Probably better if one phone was on Lyft and the other on Uber. Then every thing would be legit.

    P.S. How did he talk his wife into giving up her phone every day?

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    252 Driver
     1 year ago

    Would it really increase the chance of getting your pings?  I guess in a very populated area with a lot of activities?  but if there are lots of activities, you will naturally be getting pings, and you can only accept one anyways  I don't see this working.

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      220 Rider Driver
       1 year ago

      I suppose it's more for suburbian slower times, when there are more drivers than the customers  You know the times.  Mid-mornings, middle of afternoon, etc.  

      I can see this helping your chances, assuming that Uber actually does consider for more than just distance for choosing a driver.  

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        84 Driver
         1 year ago

        Right. That was the first thought I had.  Uber is supposed to be connecting with drivers closest to the request.  So why would this matter, ya know?

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    614 Rider Driver
     1 year ago

    What would the passenger think if I was told Stephanie is showing up and a Bob shows up?  Total sketch.

    I wonder how he gets around the profile pic issue.  

    This is just bad practice all around.  You can get busted by any of your riders, and you can get busted by Uber for failing the profile picture check.

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    250 Rider
     1 year ago

    I am sure the guy was busted and has been deativated by now.  I suppose he could claim innocense by saying they share the same phone and forgot to log out and back in as himself.

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      OP 39
       1 year ago

      Yeah, sort of.  He told me that if any rider mentions it, he just explains that he grabbed his wife's phone by mistake that morning.  He told me that's only happened to him once and he had been doing it for months.

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    810 Driver
     1 year ago

    Pretty strange

    if pings come in based on distance then having both phones inches away would not make sense as the ping would come to that driver anyway unless he hangs phones from trees, shady....

    i instead use both apps and on slow days when a ping comes in from far away and I accept I keep the other app open so I a minute later as I am driving to get the original passenger a ping comes in other app for closer pickup I choos it and cancell original request ( happens very infrequently ) when u am hunting for long rides. I would not cancel on original passenger to save a few min for shorter pickup as I understand they rely on me picking Ben up but I would trade a regular ride for a 45 min plus even if that comes with longer pickup any day.

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    434 Driver Driver
     1 year ago

    There's no way this would work or even worth it.