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The more you use Uber, the more expensive it gets. (Upfront Pricing)

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629 Driver Rider
 Posted 9 months, 1 week ago

I figured this would be the case.  With the introduction of upfront pricing, Uber can charge customers anything they want.  They will ask for any amount riders are willing to pay.  I have heard cases where during the hours when the business users are out, the overall fare goes up.  Trips to and from airports? You guessed it.  It'll go up because people are willing to pay.

All the cheap Uber fares that we have gotten accustomed to are about to go out the window.  Regulators and law makers who shoved the taxis out.  Are you happy now?  What about those Uber fans who said, "Uber is better and cheaper.  Screw the taxis.  Stronger survives."  So irresponsible.  Here's the proof:

"Uber appears to have the opposite of a rewards program. That is, it appears the more you use Uber as a passenger, the more they’re going to charge you per mile. We know Uber said they were going to experiment on charging different customers different rate, based on a variety of unpublished factors. My current belief is the more you use the service in a way that suggests you can afford more, the more they will charge you."



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