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Lyft Driver Referrals is Bullsh*t

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 Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

You know those Uber and Lyft ads where they offer bonuses for referring other drivers?  Of course, you have.  They are everywhere.  Well, do you know why Lyft ones are bullshit?  Here you go:

Refer a driver, get $800

Refer a New York City driver, and reap the benefits on ride number one. You'll get an extra $4.33 for every ride they give in their first 30 days, up to $800. They’ll get up to $800, too.

I don't see this crap with Uber.  While they do have plenty of requirements, like the new driver needing to take 25 rides (?) within the first 30 days, I have been getting my $500 bonus. 

I thought Lyft was supposed to be the friendly one?


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    162 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    The higher referral amounts just mean that there are more rides required. When I signed on my bonus was 725, I got it, my friend who I signed on under got it. Just because the person who signed up did not do the work does not make this fake. It is a time sensitive reward. You can encourage them, but unless they want to do it, you will not get the payout. 

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     2 years ago

    Why are you yelling 

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     2 years ago

    I was supposed to get a bonus with Lyft if I completed a set amount of rides but they had an issue with my profile image which held everything up and by the time they approved me I couldn't get the bonus but I also couldnt unsign up and re-sign up!! Such a scam!

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    1149 Rider
     3 years ago

    It says, you will get an extra $4.33 for every ride.  What is that in "extra" of?  Maybe you are missing something there?  Are you sure it's as bad as it sounds?

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      2041 Rider
       3 years ago

      $800 / $4.33 = 185 rides.   How feasible is that for a new driver?

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        96 Rider Driver
         2 years ago

        These bonuses are actually better for drivers, in my opinion. You don't have to meet the 185 ride requirement to get that bonus. If you make 185 rides, you get $800, but if you fall short of that, you still get paid for the amount of trips you've taken. 

        In the past, drivers only got paid if they hit the ride requirement, even if they were just one short. However, now they get paid out per trip, allowing them to make extra money no matter how many trips they do or don't drive