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Lyft, No better than Uber just hides behind them. Cant keep drivers or riders safe but lets all worry about PRONOUNS! Are you serious?

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 years, 4 months ago

I address you by your name. What about the friends they bring with them on the ride? Is there a choice to put all their pronouns in? This is just getting totally ridiculous. I am driving a rider hopefully safely on a 5/10min (average) ride. I dont have time to look at a screen doing 70mph so I can see what a riders pronoun is. The rider is called by the name entered. If a rider enters their name as he, she, it, they, etc... Can tell you right now I am not picking you up. You will be waiting back with D#@k Swallower, ToTheWindow, and Coverboy. We are lucky to see their name, rating, and distance/time to pick up. You now want me to look for the riders pronoun? This is outrageously ridiculous and not happening in my car. For one reason I am trying to drive a piece of machinery thats over 4,300 pounds in bad weather (at times), it can be dark, traffic, doing 55/65mph with riders in my car. You have lost your minds. At what point do I have time to read this? Now we will get 1 star for not using PC pronouns. Get over it. What you identify is your business I dont need to know. You are my customer, trying to get you  from Point A to Point B SAFELY. You are not my friend keep your pronouns to yourself. BTW I am a grissly bear today. Over the weekend I am thinking a dolphin. Sorry but I believe in science, anatomy (dont need to know what junk you have or dont have), and biology. This is a free country if you can choose what you want to be thats fine. It dont concern or harm me so I dont care thats your business but I will not be forced to be looking up pronouns while I am driving. You have a name I will use it.