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Uber didn't honor the upfront pricing! What is the point?! Is it not guaranteed?

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 Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

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What is the frickin' point if upfront pricing isn't guranteed?  Isn't the whole point that we know BEFOREHAND the price?

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     1 year ago

    U want upfront pricing ? Do the drivers a big favor and take a bus or a train where your upfront pricing is guaranteed 

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     1 year ago

    Upfront pricing is just a way to hide their surge, right?  and I heard when they first came out with this, they weren't paying the drivers for the part they hiked up. 

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     1 year ago

    How could they NOT honor the "upfront price"?????   This upfront pricing is a sham!   When your trip goes smoothly and you come under the normal fare, they CHARGE YOU MORE, and when your trip takes longer and you go over the normal fare, they CHARGE YOU MORE.

    They make it sound like it's good for people and that it would protect us, but this only works in their favor.