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Uber driver from hell

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 Posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Took an Uber from the hotel to MEM airport Sep 23 and the Uber was filthy, smelled of weed, and driver very unprofessional. Was 2 of us in a rush or I would have never taken that Uber. After dropping of at the airport the driver claimed I left my phone in the car and we were charged a fee for a returned item. A week later he claimed we spilled coffee in his car and we were charged a cleaning fee. None of us had any coffee which can be confirmed by concierge at the hotel. The most frustrating thing of all this is just being able to reach Uber easily I guess. I feel like this driver is harassing us even after the ride. I don’t think I will ever feel safe in an Uber again especially since they seem to not even ask you what happened and just charge your card when a driver complains. They need cameras in those cars.


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     10 months ago

    This doesn't even make sense, I mean can't you easily prove you did not leave your phone in the car by showing that you never filed a lost item ticket?

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     10 months ago

    I'm surprised this driver claiming 2 different things and after a week didn't cause some type of red flag for Uber.

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     10 months ago

    Wow, Did you dispute this??