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Uber Eats Drivers! Are you seeing an increase in deliveries?

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 Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

I don't driver for Uber anymore but I would think this would be a good time to be in the delivery game.


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    29 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    Yes, I'm in the Tacoma, WA area and am seeing a huge increase. Not only is it a lot busier (and particularly during lunch and dinner times), but tips are also much higher. I've been averaging about 70% tips.

    The downside is it's a little more complicated and time-consuming due to the need to sanitize constantly, practice good social distancing, and carefully check no-contact delivery instructions (including taking a photo of the food at the doorstep).

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    524 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    Problem is a lot of restaurants are closing now. But yeah until recently a lot more people were ordering.