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uber hold my account because i do have more 3 valuation

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 Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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uber hold my account because  i do have more than 3  valuation  so  i do have new jersey license so if i got new york  city license do you think they will open my account again ?


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    1058 Rider Driver
     3 months ago

    If you have three recent moving violations,  that pretty much disqualifies you from driving Uber and Lyft everywhere.   

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    94 Driver
     3 months ago

    How would you just get a NYC state license? Don’t you have to establish residence there first?

    Also, remember that Uber runs a background check on your driver record and the check can go across multiple states. It’s basically up to Uber how thorough they want to be. They may not check all 50 states but they may for surrounding states  

    And of course the states already share records with each other, in many cases. 

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    181 Rider Driver
     3 months ago

    You would have to establish residence in New York State in order to get a license there. But even if your could I think you would be opening up yourself to legal jeopardy by doing this. You might get away with it but if Uber figures out what you did I think they might call it fraud.

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    423 Driver Rider
     3 months ago

    Ummmm yeah that might work... But you're just gonna rack up more violations on the new license is my prediction... Maybe think about driving better.

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      7866 Rider Driver
       3 months ago

      Totally agree Joey. After the 1st one I would've improved my driving:)